Goody Quik Style – The Magic Comb

A comb that removes up to 20% of the water from your hair? Come on. How could anything even do that? My hair holds onto water like crazy after shampooing. Rubbing one’s hair with towels is never good, it can damage the hair and will make it super frizzy. So I squeeze it out and twist it in a towel. In warmer weather I use a cotton t-shirt (amazing for reducing frizz) and my general rule is the less one “does” to their hair when it’s wet, the better. If I plan to blow dry my hair, I will use a wide tooth comb and brush to smooth it out before drying, and I usually comb or brush it before styling to distribute leave-in conditioner and hair oil. But – a comb that “removes water”? Bring it on – I will try anything in the name of beauty!

goody quik style comb

So it’s just a comb. A hard plastic comb (ie not bendy or flexible) with a handy hook on the edge for hanging in the shower. Goody says ” the ultra smooth water wicking blade and 2 rows of offset teeth work together to remove 20% of water as you detangle”. I always have a wide tooth comb in the shower for my conditioner – seriously, you aren’t applying it properly if you aren’t combing it throughout your hair. So the first time I used the Goody Quik Style Comb,  I apply my ICON India Healing Spray leave in treatment, combed it through with a normal comb, then did a thorough combing with the Goody Quik Style Comb. Then I left it as I moisturized my skin head to toe. I went back to style my hair and noticed immediately that the hair near my scalp was absolutely drier than usual. As a matter of fact that is the hair that takes the longest to dry usually. But my whole head felt lighter (hello- less water!) and my hair was almost fluffy. Since then I have used it every time, because I don’t have time to wait forever for my hair to dry, and, when I blow dry it, this makes the whole process that much faster. Seriously. It’s one of those products I feel like I will learn to depend upon.

I told my daughter and hair twin, Biddy, that she should try it and that it would make her hair dry quicker. She was completely skeptical, which is understandable because I usually crow about a new beauty product every day. Well, she loves it too and can’t believe that it actually speeds up the drying process. If I blow dry my hair, I like to let it air dry as much as possible to a) save my arms b) not burn out my hairdryer and c) not fry my hair. With the Goody Quik Style Comb I can honestly say my hair drying time is cut in half. True story.

Goody products are available at some drugstores, Walmart and select retailers. The Goody Quik Style Comb is under $10.

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