Gucci Bloom Smells Like Skin Kissed By Flowers


I was anxiously awaiting the launch of Gucci Bloom. Photos of the campaign, shot by Toronto’s incredibly talented artist Petra Collins, and the stunning bottle, were leaking online before the release and tempting me with it’s beauty. The campaign is stunning, modern and perfect and, THAT BOTTLE! Honestly as soon as I saw that petal pink opaque glass with zero embellishment except the simple and clean label, I was in love. Would it be modern? Would it be weird? Or would it deliver pale pink flower petals and smell as gentle as the beautiful campaign promised?



Well gentle reader, the news is good. Gucci Bloom is a perfect airy veil of white flowers and a whisper of soft woodsy orris root. Along with the intoxicating tuberose, Bloom features sambac jasmine at it’s heart. Sambac jasmine is my abaolute favourite kind of jasmine, as it has a sweet, green and slightly fruity scent that makes it a perfect pairing with sexy tuberose. Also – it’s soft and oh so pretty. I think if you enjoy ethereal and white floral scents like L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons,   (one of my all time favourite perfumes ever) Costume National So Nude, and Diptyque Do Son, you will love Gucci Bloom as much as I do.



Gucci Bloom is an uncomplicated and elegant scent,  just gorgeous tuberose and jasmine. The base of orris is a whisper and serves to ground the perfume so it doesn’t disappear as soft white floral perfumes are wont to do. It smells clean and pretty, which seems to be a bit of a trend, and scents like CHANEL No5 L’EAU comes to mind. White floral perfumes work beautifully in warm and cool weather, and every floral lover needs a white floral perfume in their collection. Well, at least one…



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