Holiday Party Nails!

Well tis the season to be festive and, well, sparkly! My daughter is a constant manicure inspiration and my recent manis have been feeling downright dull in comparison to her works of art on tips. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the glitter! Deborah Lippmann has a delicious selection of glitters that attract my eye like a magpie every time I pass the counter. 
In bright daylight

In my living room stepping away from the window light….
I am a lover of all things golden so Boom Boom Pow was a natural! I’ve had this gorgeous silky YSL Gold (#139) polish kicking around since last year but never gave it a wear. Emilie busted it out for  this gorgeous manicure and suddenly it occurred to me that it would layer beautifully with Boom Boom Pow….and it did! Boom Boom Pow is a gorgeous gold glitter with flecks of actual real gold dust. Sign me up!
A quick Twitter poll helped me choose my pedi colour- even though it was a tie! Open toe shoes mean toes must also look pretty! I was torn between a vampy red and a true red and in the end, OPI Red My Fortune Cookie seemed like a natural choice. It is a gorgeous bright red with a coral undertone of sorts. Hard to explain but so beautiful in winter or summer. Love.
I don’t usually like toe shots but don’t the colours look purty together?

So now I just have to dust off the hot rollers & I’m ready to party! How about you? What is your party mani-pedi?

EDIT: This manicure went 6 days before showing even the slightest tip wear. And, after I got over my initial sparkle shock, I fell head over in heels for Lippmann glitter and decided I could wear a glittery mani anytime, anywhere. LOVE. So I promptly went out & purchased Some Enchanted Evening, which my Lippmann goddess, Elena assures me looks gorgeous over Naked. Boo-ya!

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