How To Look Tan And Healthy, And Not Be Orange.

vitatanz starter kit

Guys! I have actually just discovered my absolute new favourite self tanning product. I have been a huge fan of St Tropez mousse forever – it’s been my go-to self tanner because it looks natural, applies dark which helps for even coverage, and develops quickly. I like that it is a thin product base vs a thick cream, as I don’t need anything to block my pores. It also doesn’t smell weird. So when I got a little bottle of Vitatanz to try I wasn’t expecting to be wowed, as in the past five plus years, nothing has come close to St Tropez mousse, so why would this time be any different?  Ha! How wrong I was. This is likely because Vitatanz has a very special formulation not seen in the self tanning world before.

From their website:

“Vitatanz is the world’s first and only Anti-Aging and full body skin therapeutic treatment. It leaves your skin with a beautiful, deep, dark, Golden glow. Vitatanz was developed to help fight the signs of aging with such trace elements as magnesium, iron, zinc and copper. Green tea and other anti-oxidants also help protect skin against free radical damage.”

bain de soleil

Vitatanz is a liquid product, in a spray bottle, and is meant to applied directly to the skin, then buffed with the buffer pad that comes with the product, see how-to here. Sounds weird right off the bat, I thought. Geez, why was I so skeptical? Vitatanz goes on a lovely shade of bronze-y brown, with nary an orange tone in sight. The scent is neutral and doesn’t last at all. I hate the smell of almost all spray tans, they smell plastic and gross and seem to stay in the skin forever. Vitatanz seems to have eliminated that weird cooked skin note. But the craziest part of Vitatanz is what develops over the next few hours, and that would be tanned perfection. I did my legs and my face and was amazed at the perfectly natural shade. The buffer means you can blend out the edges of the tan area perfectly, and makes for lovely and even application. But the best was how long it lasted! At least a week of glow on my face, and considering the vigorous cleaning, scrubbing and exfoliating I do, this is amazing. I kept forgetting I’d used it and would catch myself in the mirror thinking – “You look like you’ve had a lovely restful holiday”. Isn’t that what a good self tanner is supposed to do?

steve mcqueen tan lines
Steve McQueen & his, ahem, tan lines.

I’m 100% sold on Vitatanz and the St Tropez mousse has moved to the back of the cupboard. Looking for a self tanner? You MUST try Vitatanz. A starter kit, which includes a 2 oz bottle, a buffer and plastic gloves is $30 which is totally reasonable in my opinion. Canadian buyers go here and US/International buyers go here.


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