How To Wear Perfume: Tips From The Perfume Whisperer

dalybeauty how to wear perfume

How to you put on perfume? Do you spray your wrists and pulse points? Do you rub your wrists together to activate the perfume? Or, have you been told not to do that because you will damage the scent molecules, thereby “changing” the fragrance? Do you dab demurely behind each ear, and maybe in your décolletage? Or, do you spray a cloud into the air and walk though it?

Spraying or dabbing on wrists and pulse points used to be recommended, as the thought was that the “heat” radiating from these areas on our bodies will help us emanate our scent more effectively. The reality is, the heat has nothing to do with it. We also tend to wear watches and jewelry on our wrists, and the metal and leather can alter the fragrances. Leather holds fragrance as well, and eau de watchband tends to be many perfumes mixed together. We can transfer it to our laptops, to our computer mouse etc. Better to spray the tops of our forearms, above the wrists. There is body hair on our arms that gives the scent another place to cling to, making the scent last longer. The worst thing that will happen if you rub your wrists together after applying will be that you might rush through the top notes – maybe. It’s not a bad thing, and won’t “change” your perfume.

dalybeauty how to wear perfume

 Dabbing behind the ears? There are conflicting views on whether or not there may be glands behind our ears that can make perfume smell “funky”. I’m not sure, but I feel like perfume behind my ears is wasted and prefer to spritz or dab on the nape of my neck. Again, the hair there holds on to scent and makes it last longer. But, I like it when I get a bit warm and can reawaken the scent later on in the day. If you have long hair, when you lift your hair up, you can seductively waft your scent and sillage wherever you wish. If you want your perfume to play softer and quieter, dab or spray lower on the body. Behind your knees or on your ankles means your fragrance slowly rises and will be diffused by the time it reaches nose-level.

Spraying a cloud and walking through it? No. Do not do this unless you want to waste your perfume. More settles in the air than on you, and even then where it lands is random. If you want just a little bit of scent, consider lightly misting your clothes (maybe not silk). This is also a good option if you have sensitive skin and would prefer not apply any perfume but still want to smell good. A scented scarf, or the collar of your jacket or sweater, can help extend the life of your scent without being bombastic.

Spray a little, or spray a lot. If you spray a lot, wait a little while before leaving the house. If you work in close proximity to others, don’t spray a lot.  Don’t be that person.

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