I Can’t Stop Staring At Chanel Azure Le Vernis Nail Polish

I often fall in love with beauty prodz that I think are sooo pretty (usually limited editions) and want to buy them immediately. But these likely things I would buy and then never use. So I exercise restraint and wait for the urge to pass, which it usually does. But, the newest nail polish from Chanel, Azure, kept singing it’s siren song to me.

Chanel Azure
These photos were taken with seconds of each other, I literally turned out of the direct light & ta-da! Teal with purple became blue.

I got it home and thought “blue-green-teal-purple chrome nail polish for ME?” and was a little worried this would be a Chanel polish that would gather dust, buried in my collection. I decided to apply it quickly before heading out for dinner and thought if I hated it, I could take it off. No big deal. Yes, I over think these things.


Well, the longer I wear it, the more I love it. It’s gorgeous, magical and changes with the light like something enchanted. I also got Taboo which I’m sure to love equally. Stay tuned for that review.

Aqua butterfly image from butterflytopia.com

Chanel Le Vernis Azure  and the Collection Eté Papillon 2013 is around $30 and available at Chanel counters, boutiques and online here.

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