I Owe My Glow To The Magic In pixi beauty Skin Treats

Pixi Beauty Skin Treats review dalybeauty


Can we talk about the nails in the above vintage ad? On point – looks like Dior Lady, which I adore. Let me know if you can think of any pinks that would match this shade. I want the blush too, damnit.

Anyways. Once again, the delightful skincare from pixi beauty has left me with glowing skin. In particular, their Skin Treats. I love the pixi beauty line, from the lovely and pretty packaging to the good stuff inside. You can read my gushing over other items from the pixi beauty Skin Treats line here.

Part of the Skin Treats I’ve been loving for the past few months has been their Glow Mud Cleanser (reviewed here). I also adore their Glow Mud Mask and their Glowtion Day Dew Moisturizer – they make my skin feel and look amazing.

pixi beauty Skin Treats Glowtion Day Dew review dalybeauty
from left: pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Mud Mask & Glowtion Day Dew

I start out finishing up  my double cleansing routine in the evening by using the Glow Mud Cleanser. I love it and when my skin is feeling dull, oily, hormonal or all of the above, this cleanser leaves my skin marvellously clean and smooth. Then when my skin is dry, I apply Glow Mud Mask to my face and let it sit for around fifteen minutes. Then I use lots of warm water and rinse it all off, gently patting my face dry.

I then use a little rosewater and apply my night-time skincare, and I wake up to smooth clear skin.

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed Glowtion Day Dew until now.

After my morning cleansing and skincare routine, I apply Glowtion Day Dew as a primer if I want to wear a little powder. I mix it in with my tinted moisturizer if I want a super-natural look, which I often do, or I even wear it on it’s own on no makeup days. Seriously, it makes a difference. The beauty of this moisturizer is that despite it’s glowy appearance, it is magically matte. I say matte but I really mean not super shiny or greasy which has always been the issue for me with highlighting primers.

pixi beauty Skin Treats Glowtion Day Dew review dalybeauty
the lovely Glowtion Day Dew gently blended into my skin

Protip: If I’m going out at the end of the day and want to perk up my face without starting over (have I mentioned I’m pretty lazy when it comes to makeup?) Glowtion Day Dew is your lifesaver. I grab a handy dandy makeup sponge – right now I’m using this Beauty Blender one – and spritz it all over with rose water (thanks to my daughter for this tip). I then put some Glowtion Day Dew on the back of hand and roll/dab it onto my skin gently, right on top of my existing makeup. Remember this is a freshen up. I concentrate under and around my eyes, and the combination of the rose water and the Glowtion Day Dew makes my skin look bright and refreshed, with the added benefit of actually moisturising my skin. Then I dab a little YSL Touche Eclat under and in the inner corner of my eyes, touch up my waterline, dot on some cream blusher and dab that with the rosewater sponge, and finally dust some powder all over – Les Meteorites is perfect for that.

pixi beauty Skin Treats Glowtion Day Dew review dalybeauty
After a long day, a quick freshen up with Glowtion Day Dew before heading out to dinner is all it takes. I swear I wear less makeup when I use Day Dew.

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