I’m Batting My Long Fluttery Lashes At You, Thanks To Revitalash

You know those amazing products that feel life changing? Yeah, Revitalash Advanced is one of those. Lash growth products have been all the buzz for last couple of years. I didn’t really see them as something I needed until my dear friend Vicki and I experienced the most tragic eyelash extension experience ever. Our vanity got the best of us and we ran off to get eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions, in case you don’t know, are basically the acrylic nails of eyelash treatments. They look big, long and flashy and, when you take them off, leave your natural lashes as pale, thin and sparse versions of what they were. So we were both left looking like we had yanked out our own lashes one by one and feeling stupid. We both looked everywhere for solutions and stumbled upon these new fangled eyelash conditioners.
My leg warmers make my lashes look longer. Don’t yours?
So. How do they work?  If you’ll ask your doctor, they’ll tell you it’s a drug that was originally used to treat glaucoma. However, its side effect—eyelash growth—was discovered and since then it has become known as an ingredient for beautiful thick eyelashes. Eyelash growth enhancers not only lengthen lashes, they make them thicker as well. Additional rows of hair grow and the color becomes darker. I know this for a fact as I am so fair and blonde that I regularly tint my lashes black. I hardly have to do this since I’ve been using Revitalash. Another benefit is somehow a slight curl is encouraged- goes hand in hand with the youthful lashes promised by these products. I used it every night for around 2 months and now I use it every other night. It’s easy to apply with the teensy little brush and has become part of my evening routine. I really wish I had taken before & after photos so you could see the difference. As it stands, my lashes are long and lovely and I only wear mascara for special occasions. I could not do that before without looking tired.
How is Revitalash different from the others on the market? I’m not sure. I know I tried 2 before and personally experienced some of the potential side effects (see the FAQ here), ie darkened skin along lash line and red eyes. These are temporary but were definitely worse with the others. So knowing my sensitive skin, I’d say Revitalash is gentler and less irritating. I had a wee bit of darkening of skin with Revitalash but it lessened over time, to the point that I hardly notice it now. It is important to use it with caution, and to not get in in your eyes. They will be irritated.
So. Longer, thicker, darker lashes with a natural curl. Need I say more? Go get. Now.
Revitalash is around $98 for a 3 month supply and around $150 for a 6 month supply. I have found the tubes lasted quite a bit longer than they suggest, to be honest. You can buy them online from Revitalash and find different deals from various online retailers. Some doctors and spas sell it but I can’t seem to find a list of them.
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