I’m Cuckoo For The OGX Kukui Oil Hair Line

If you know me,  you know know I’m a sucker for a good hair product. If it can handle thick, coarse, wavy, mind-of-its-own highlighted hair, then I’m whipping out my wallet. I was meandering around Caroline Hiron’s site looking for skincare solutions the other day and stumbled upon this post on the OGX Kukui Oil line. Like Caroline, they are the first products I have tried from OGX and, I too am “completely sold”.

Day 2, after a day at the beach
Day 2, after a day at the beach

They perform like salon quality products, and are happily drugstore priced. Sometimes my scalp is finicky, and everything I use makes me itch. I never have flakes, but I get an itchy scalp when I use clarifying shampoos (or when my hair needs a wash heh heh). The Kukui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner leave my hair clean, soft and bouncy. They contain small amounts of a water soluble silicone, so I have had zero issues with buildup or dulling residue. The conditioner is perfectly detangling and my hair feels soft. They smell somewhat tropical, with the shampoo smelling better than the conditioner, to my nose, but neither lingers that long (vs a LUSH conditioner I just tried – whoa Nelly….post to come). The lingering scent is just “clean”.

Day 3 - I woke up like this. Really.
Day 3 – I woke up like this. Really.

I use a tiny amount of It’s A 10 leave-in spray conditioner before combing out my wet hair, and then apply the OGX Kukui Oil Curl Cream. This may be my new favourite wavy hair product in the world. Seriously, it is amazing. It is not remotely sticky or stiff, and feels invisible in my hair, yet my waves/curls last forever. I still use the curling rod on the crown, but hardly at all as my own wave stays put with OGX Kukui Oil Curl Cream. I went a couple days without even combing it (the things I do for you, dear reader….) that included a day at the beach, and my curls did. Not. Budge. Verdict? Love!


I got my OGX Kukui Oil products at Ulta, but they are also at drugstores, Walmart and Target. Products were $8.99 USD each.

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