I’m Officially In Love With Dermaglow

I’ve toyed with the Dermaglow line via the samples I get from my friendly neighborhood Shopper’s Drug Mart Cosmetic Angels but never really given it a fair shot. They now have a new oil free line that combines oil free and mattifying qualitites with their anti aging science. The issue I have with a lot of anti aging products is that they are often too rich and emollient causing breakouts for my super sensitive and oily skin. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, oily and aging skin like mine.

Get squeaky clean with foamy bubbles!
Today I am reviewing their Foaming Cleanser. It is exactly that, a fragrance free foaming cleanser. I’ve used a ka-billion cleansers in my time and was not expecting to be overly impressed. It is velvety soft and spreads easily over wet skin, plus, a little goes a long way. And WOW does it clean. Every last drop of make up is removed, even my Urban Decay 24-7 waterproof eyeliner and my Kiehl’s Mineral Mascara. Not a hint of a sting in my eyes and my face feels squeaky clean. Not tight and dry but super clean. Amazing that such a gentle cleanser can melt off a day of make up and environmental yuckiness. After cleansing and drying, I do a light mist of rosewater toner (I have been loving this one) and let that soak in before applying my day or night moisturizer. Those reviews will come later but I had to start with this cleanser. At $45 it is not cheap, but a little goes a long way and for results like this, I am willing to pay more. It would take at least 2 go overs with my usual Spectra Gel to get my face this clean! 
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