Jeune d’Âge Serum is Beautifully Moisturizing

I love serums for my skin. They are perfect for oily skin types, and feel like they sink right in and get to work doing what they should, ie smoothing, soothing, plumping up wrinkles, shrinking pores etc. Often though, modern serums are full of silicone, giving the illusion of a silky fine liquid. Sadly they just sit on top of your skin, often blocking pores, often causing break outs and rarely doing what they promise. The effective ingredients are so diluted, and frankly how can these products get to my skin and get to work if they have a barrier of silicone there? So frustrating. Enter the gorgeous organic skincare line, Jeune d’Âge. Well, I have to say the gorgeous Jeune d’Âge Serum with it’s firming and anti aging qualities manages to do what it promises, beautifully and with rather revolutionary and beautiful packaging to boot. This Serum comes in individually packaged envelopes of product, to keep the synthetic and preservative free product fresh. I actually get two doses out of each package, although they are labeled single dose, which is to ensure you are using fresh product each time. These products use organic ingredients but do not claim to be 100% organic, which is fine by me. Performance is what counts to me, and this serum performs.
I love dewy…
The box contains 30 “single dose” packets but as I find there is more than enough for 2 doses, so I use half each evening, with more than enough to spread over my face and neck. I would not leave a packet open for more use after more than a day, and that is only in my cool dark bedroom. Remember this product is all natural with no nasty chemicals preserving it so freshness is key. Packaging them this way means the Serum is also perfect for travel, just toss a few packets into your make up bag- at this size they are even carry-on friendly. One of the most striking aspects of the packaging is the box the wee packets come in. It is a gorgeous black paper board box, which is made out of flower seed paper. Plant the box when you are done, and watch it grow! Not only that, but it is pretty and elegant and looks lovely sitting on your vanity or bathroom counter. 
The product is simply lovely. It has a luxe rich feel, and one can tell it is full of high quality concentrated ingredients. It is a liquid serum that spreads so easily, and a little goes a very long way. It is practically fragrance free, aside from a slight vegetal or plant like aroma- and by slight I mean hardly noticeable. It soothes the skin as it soaks in, leaving a dewy finish and your skin hydrated and glowing. Not a hint of oily or greasy here. It gives a plump dewy appearance to the skin and really feels deeply moisturized without feeling like it has a coating on it. Any further moisturizers or treatments apply beautifully on top, if one needs, and as winter approaches and we have dry indoor heating I will likely need more on top. In the meantime the serum makes a lovely base for any cosmetics I might use. What I love the most is the way my skin drinks it up, yet doesn’t feel dry after wards. It feels like it is full of exactly what my skin needs and wants. Its full of goodies that hydrate, smooth and gently plump the skin, helps to improve fine lines and skin texture and gives us an all over glow. The plumping comes from hyarulonic acids- and the ones used in Jeune d’Âge products are animal friendly, as opposed to most used today which are sourced from- wait for it- rooster comb. Ahem.  Thankfully, even my oily and uber sensitive skin loves it and the fact I have not had one breakout since using it is a testament to the gentle nature of Jeune d’Âge Serum. I have been using a few products from the Jeune d’Âge line that I also love and adore so stay tuned for more reviews. 
Jeune d’Âge Organics are available online on their site and through select salon retailers in the US. At $39.99 for a box of the serum, and only $19 for refill packages for your lovely flower box, the price is amazing. 

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