Jin Soon French Lilac Polish Is Like A Radiant Orchid

Full disclosure: sometimes I buy beauty products and then don’t use them. This happened with Jin Soon French Lilac nail polish. I thought it was so pretty, had to have it, bought it. French Lilac was released as part of Jin Soon’s Spring 2013 as part of their Botanical Flower Collection, and was named by that gorgeous pouty model Megan Collison. I’ve looked at it man times, and yet never managed to actually wear it. Then, when Pantone released the 2014 Colour Of The Year, Radiant Orchid, I thought – wait – that looks almost exactly like my neglected Jin Soon.

jin soon french lilac pantone radiant orchid

Amirite? I haven’t put it on yet, as I am waiting for the perfect sunny day. I’ll love it, and glow like Alexis Carrington in a Radiant Orchid gown….

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