Jordan Samuel Skin: Simple, Elegant, Essential

Jordan Samuel is a name well known in skincare and blogging circles, and for good reason. I first heard of his line from the skincare mother of them all, Caroline Hirons, so that tells you almost all you need to know right there. Bloggers and skincare fanatics don’t easily fall for the latest line to hit the market, and we don’t just fall for the latest fancy ingredients either. Ok, well sometimes we do, but there are some basics we will always need and want, and they have been made better and more effective over the years. The potions that the bloggers, the fanatics, the newbies just starting out and those of us that just want to clean and nourish our faces should all have.


Monsieur Jordan Samuel, himself


Every skincare collection should include some solid foundation products, no matter what skin type one has. These should include:

  • an oil based cleanser to get everything  off – the makeup, the dirt, the oil and grime, everything.
  • a hyaluronic acid serum to hydrate skin quickly and efficiently
  • a facial oil to nourish and deeply moisturise

These items don’t have to be expensive or complicated, but they need to work. It helps if they come from someone who knows skin, who understands what we put on our skin and how it needs to be cleansed, and then how sometimes it just needs to be hydrated and nourished. Skincare with provenance, if you will.



Enter Jordan Samuel! Jordan was a professional dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company for eleven years, and working in ballet helped ignite his passion for skincare.

Being a professional dancer started my passion for skin care. Between hot lights, heavy petroleum-filled stage make up and intensive daily sweating, my skin went through the ringer. I took to watching the ballerinas and noting their beauty routine as they always had the most flawless skin. I took the research and knowledge that I gathered in the dance world, to become what is now Jordan Samuel Skincare and the Jordan Samuel Facial. 



So he created Jordan Samuel Skin and I couldn’t be happier. Jordan’s background gives him unique knowledge regarding the heaviest stuff we can coat our faces with, how to best remove them, and also how to best treat our skin. I’m not talking about complicated active products to target individual issues – Jordan Samuel Skin is about essential foundation pieces on which to base any skincare routine. These are elegant essential pieces for everyone, at a reasonable price in simple modern packaging.

The After Show Treatment Cleanser (Plié) is THE oil based cleanser to rule them all. There is nothing this cleanser won’t remove – no waterproof or petroleum based makeup that it can’t eliminate. But I here is something else I learned – oil based cleansers are important even if you don’t wear makeup. Do you wear sunscreen? Those facial sunscreens stick to your face like glue. So guys – don’t let your pores get clogged and blocked up. A small amount goes a long way, and a clean, warm wet cloth or flannel makes fast work of anything on your face. I’m oily and a couple cleanser so I follow up with a foaming cleanser. But Plié takes the day away beautifully.

Follow up on damp skin with a couple drops of Hydrate Facial Serum. This perfect hyaluronic serum has stabilized Vitamin C for skin tone, and leaves skin dewy skin all day long. A must have for everyone! Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, and perfect for post shaving as well. I’m addicted to Hydrate Facial Serum and the instant plumping glow it gives my skin.

éToile Facial Oil is a total facial moisturising miracle in a bottle. It moisturises and softens immediately and absorbs to last all day. A couple drops after cleansing leave you with a gorgeous glow.  étOILe contains a high concentration of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as all 8 vitamin E groups. It also features skin balancing Argan and Marula oils, so it doesn’t block pores, just leaves you with nourished happy skin.

Trust me when I tell you need these items in your skincare arsenal. I’ve also got my eye on his new éToile with Retinol Treatment Oil…you should too.


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