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I always wear sunscreen, but facial sunscreens can be hit and miss for me. My favourite facial sunscreens (reviewed here and here) are in makeup like mineral powers and tinted moisturizer, as so many cause me to break out. My skin is super sensitive and certain ingredients can trigger acne. Coola is an organic skincare brand with a dedication to education as well as protecting skin and fighting skin cancers, through their products and donations.


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That’s why I was so excited to open a package from Coola with a couple of their sunscreen products to try and discover their Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30!


Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30


I love a good makeup setting spray, and in the summer they are practically essential. Coola Makeup Setting Spray is fantastic. It has a gentle mist that covers the face and neck in two spritzes. Right after spraying, there is a slight tacky feeling, but as it dries that disappears. Makeup stays put, and your skin is protected! I keep it in my purse if I know going to be out all day for a little freshen up from time to time, especially if I’m in the convertible or have my sunroof open. There is an ever so gentle fragrance that is barely perceptible, that also dissipates as it dries. It’s a softly clean classic suntan lotion scent, and I’ve actually come to love it. I wish it was a perfume! Story of my life…

We all need a good sunscreen body mist to make it through summer, and Coola has that covered with two SPF 30 spray options, the difference being scent. There is a Pina Colada scent and my favourite, Coola Body SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa.


Coola Body SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa


I love the softly fizzy floral scent of this one, and when I say soft, I mean it. Both of these Coola products are fragranced, but just barely. It’s a lovely way to scent a product and I wish more companies did this. Coola Body SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa spray lasts well on skin, smells lovely and so far has kept me from burning. It also makes my skin soft and glowing.

Best part?

Coola is offering a 20% discount code for my readers!

Just enter DALY20 at checkout (case sensitive)

Everyone who purchases using my code is entered to win the products reviewed here!



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