Kiss My Face? More Like Kiss My Feet

Further to the summer-ready feet theme, I thought I would share a recent find that help keep your feet massage-ready. I recommend a professional pedicure to start off the summer, unless you are like me, and obsessively pamper your feet year round. Once you have a smooth and lovely canvas to work with, its all about maintenance. Kiss My Face, one of my fave natural and organic skincare lines, has two lovely prodz perfect for summer feet. Their peppermint Foot Scrub and Foot Crème are the perfect line of defence to keep your feet fetish-worthy all summer.
The Foot Scrub exfoliates and polishes with natural pumice and walnut shells, and refreshes tired hot feet with tingly peppermint. I love to use it in the shower. Tip – using a little of this scrub on a nail brush banishes dry cuticles and cleans all the little cracks and crevices your hands can’t get to. Try it, you will be amazed. I even use it on my hands after gardening (once a year….).
The Foot Crème softens and smoothes with a whole bunch of butters (shea, coco, mango, kokum) moisturizing oils and more peppermint. It feels amazing at bedtime after a long day on your feet, and you wake up with silky soft feet.
See how chic bare feet are? 

Available wherever Kiss My Face is sold, the 4 oz tubes are around $9 each.

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