Le Labo Jasmin 17, Guerlain Eau de Lit & Perfume Layering

Le Labo is a nifty perfume house out of NYC that has a cool aesthetic to their brand. Their counter/boutiques have an old school apothecary lab vibe and they dispense their perfumes while you wait, and print out a custom label with your name on it for your perfume. Gives it a perfume prescription feel, like it was made just for you. I’m on the fence on this concept, as I feel it could make for inaccuracies when doling out perfume into bottles, but that’s just me. So far I have yet to be disappointed in one of their scents, and find them all pretty gorgeous. My favourites are Ambrette 9 and Jasmin 17, and I adore layering them. The idea behind their fragrance names is the first word, ie Jasmin (french for jasmine) is the main ingredient, and the number afterwards denotes the number of supporting “notes”. I suppose that could work, although for the most part you know how I feel about “notes”. At any rate, who cares, because the perfumes are lovely. Feminine, masculine, sexy and soft – Le Labo has something for everyone. They even have candles and laundry detergent (brilliant!) in matching scents.

le labo ambrette 9

I have Ambrette 9 in an eau de toilette. It is marketed as a baby scent, so trust me when I say it is the softest perfume I have ever ever worn. It smells like the air in the bathroom after shampooing baby hair with J&J No More Tears shampoo. Ambrette is a natural seed that mimics musks and can smell sweet, lovely and skin-like, or like pickles. Le Labo managed to encourage the former out of the note and I love it. This is one you can keep in your fridge and spritz on cool when the weather is all melty, and of course, I like to wear it to bed.

le labo jasmine 17 perfume balm

Le Labo perfumes also come in a balm format – a silicone based gel substance that is a wonderful carrier for perfume. It doesn’t spill and is easy to apply – just rub a few drops in and you’re done. It is a terrific way to keep your perfume gentle and close to the skin, and that is how I like my Jasmin 17. I think Le Labo Jasmin 17 should be called Orange Blossom because that is the note that stands out to me. There is a wee bit of jasmine but it is overwhelmingly orange blossom to my nose. Funny, because they have a Fleur d’Oranger 27 that is even more orange blossomy. I suppose I get a wee bit of jasmine in the top and in the deep dry down, but it matters not, as it is a beautiful white floral perfume and that is what I love. The singular aspect of the two Le Labos I own make them ideal for layering, and layering I do! If you read my blog you know layering perfumes is pretty much What I Do. I recently acquired a Guerlain scent I’d been lusting over and finally found – Guerlain Eau de Lit. Eau de Lit is about as soft as they come and smells like the perfect fruity floral – soft bergamot, neroli warmed up with vanilla, musk, sage and star anise make this so delicious I want to lick my arms. It was created for spraying on your sheets – Eau de Lit translates loosely to “bed water”, which is interesting… – but in my opinion it’s too pretty to just use in bed. My friend Dane says it smells like “pretty water” and he was shocked I didn’t already own a bottle. Now I do!

guerlain eau de lit

So – Eau de Lit with some Le Labo Jasmin 17 balm on my pulse points, on the nape of my neck, decolletage etc. and I am smelling purty…Do you layer your perfumes? What are some of your favourite combinations?

I get my Le Labo perfumes at Gee Beauty in Toronto. FYI-  they ship.

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