Lippmann Beauties Between The Sheets & Waking Up In Vegas

Well I am just loving my Lippmann Deluxe mani/pedi today. My toes are resplendent in Between The Sheets and my nails are uber cool and sophisticated in Waking Up In Vegas.
Waking Up In Vegas is a cool grey that looks warmer in the bottle that it does on nails but that’s ok. In darker light it looks like an edgy grey and in natural or sunlight it is a calm dove grey. I can get full coverage with ONE COAT and that is what I am wearing in the photos. It’s a compliment getter- people notice this one and always ask me where they can get it. Mind you, that usually happens as I am handing them money in a transaction and my daughter Emilie has told me to be wary of compliments at that time, by sales people. “What? You are mother and daughter? I would have SWORN you were sisters! Now, you will be taking all 3 outfits?” But I digress…I love Waking Up In Vegas and it’s cool but still age appropriate style.
Between The Sheets is an unapologetic fuschia/purple that seems lit from within. Rumour has it Ms. Lippmann based it on a pair of satin-marabou mules she fell in love with. Don’t they sound secksie? Sometimes it feels brighter than I like on my fingers, neutral lover that I am, but it is perfect for toes. Between The Sheets is very feminine and so great for summer peeking out of sandals. Love it! And the combo of grey and fuschia really works for me. Fun! Caveat- it is SO BRIGHT that it is really hard to photograph. Note the bottle pic above, it won’t focus! I have had this happen with brightly coloured flowers too. 
So Fluffy announced that The Non Blonde kitties get to make blog appearances so it’s only fair she does too 😉
Fluffy loves Lippmann!

Reader Comments

  1. Holly D

    Great color combo Jane! I like so much I am ordering these colors too!! Thanks for the review and the pretty pics=)

  2. Daly Beauty

    PP- You will love Lippmann! Her polishes have changed my nails. You MUST get Hard Rock which is amazing for nail strength and health.

    Holly- Aren't they pretty? I think they work with so many different skin tones as well. Waking Up In Vegas is a neat edgy colour without being weird. Elegant!

  3. Dovey

    Waking Up in Vegas is such a classic greige— and what a great idea to pair it up with a punchy purple! Fluffy is such a regal looking cat… love those long olive eyes!

  4. Daly Beauty

    Dovey- You are so right! It is a total classic. I will pass your compliments on to Empress Fluffy. She will probably make you a lady in waiting 😉

  5. Laura J

    First of all, I LOOOOOVE all of your Lippman posts as I am quickly becoming a Lippman addict myself! Seriously, no one makes better, truer colors that last long. Chanel makes amazing colors- but they just don't last as long for me on the nails or in the bottle. I am always on the hunt for the perfect red and have not found one that compares to My Old Flame( for winter) or Its Raining Men (for summer). Great post- keep the Lippman posts coming!!

  6. Daly Beauty

    Laura J- Thanks! I def need a Lippmann red in my collection. But I also love her orange for this summer! So many nailpolishes…. 😉

    Jen W- Aren't they fun?

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