Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible, But I’m Beautiful

Ah Deborah Lippmann and your luscious polishes. Ever since I saw the Dolce & Gabbana Holiday 2011 Collection with that stunning purple, I’ve been obsessing over finding a purple polish I love. Totally forgot about Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible sitting in my collection, unloved. The reason I haven’t worn it is it has the sheer jelly finish that can drive me crazy. Jelly forumulas have less pigment that traditional polishes which makes them rather sheer. It takes at least 4 coats to get coverage and I still see a few spots that are not opaque. That might explain why the colour on my nails is so different from the colour in the bottle. The difference is not quite as dramatic as the photos show but my iPhone pulls blue when you least expect it. But I think another coat or two would have made the colour more of a blue purple. At any rate, I still love it. It is a pretty purple with that squishy juicy quality you can only get from jelly formulas. I think they give an added dimension to nail colour that one doesn’t get from a pigment rich cream formula. I included a shot of the bottle that weirdly captured the reddish purple tone that you see on my nails vs the bottle. There is not one bit of shimmer in this colour.
Daylight, no flash
I am wearing Lippmann Fashion on my toes. I am loving the neutral toes with colourful fingers. The nude tone looks perfect with the purple. But my stylist Katarina would often wear a mani-pedi combo of a bright orange-toned red (OPI Red My Fortune Cookie) with a vivid purple (OPI Funky Dunkey) and I have to say, the combination is stunning. I will totally try.
With flash

Note the weird magenta…

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