Mascara Minimalists, Take Note: Estée Lauder Little Black Primer Is What You Want

Estée Lauder has decided to shake up their reputation as make up for mothers and grandmothers. I’ve never really seen it that way, as they have always made gorgeous colour collections that are on-point and on trend. Their perfumes are among the best on the market and have been for years. From the classic beauties like my recent addiction, her original Private Collection – a gutsy, green chypre that takes no prisoners and is a Woman’s Perfume all the way- to the newer stunning and sexy white floral, Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia that smells addictive and intoxicating. But, I digress.

Estée Lauder hired Kendall Jenner, and the beauty world pretty much freaked the f*#% out. Many bemoaned the end of the elegant classic grown-up line, blaming the Kardashian virus. I’d like to think that the sensible among us probably thought what I did – GENIUS. Way to get start getting your loyal customers when they are eighteen and just looking to find their loves, wants and needs on the department store beauty floor. Sign Kendall Jenner, and they will come.



So on to Kendall’s first product push with Lauder: The Little Black Primer Mascara. This is what their website says:

estee lauder little black primer dalybeauty



I love light mascaras that make my lashes look dark and maybe a little longer. But I loathe clumping of ANY KIND, and fibre mascaras that shed all over my face and in my eyes also suck. I need a waterproof and/or long-wearing formula as my oily skin basically melts away anything without staying power. Revlon used to make a mascara that was basically a lash tint – it lasted pretty much until you washed it off and had no lumps. bumps or clumps.

I use two coats of Little Black Primer on the top lashes, and one coat on my lower lashes. In the photo below, I did a little tight-lining along my upper lash line but this is the only eye makeup I am wearing in addition to the LBP*. It wears fairly well all day, and does not run or flake. I do notice if I look closely that it may indeed “wear off” a bit after several hours of wear, but that’s my only tiny issue. Other than that tiny issue, Estée Lauder Little Black Primer is my new Holy Grail mascara! I use it under my Chanel Violet Smoke purple mascara and LOVE it. I have not yet used it over anything yet but plan to try.

dalybeauty estee lauder little black primer mascaraI’d say Little Black Primer is like a polished version of the Revlon product – so better and perfect. I adore it! It goes on smooth and thin, as if it was wet, but it is oddly not wet feeling. You can layer it a bit but it will never give you those weirdly thick fibre lashes. Ahem….


younique mascara fail


Have you tried this, or any other “lash tint” mascaras?


Estée Lauder Little Black Primer is sold on their website, and at Lauder counters. I got mine in the US for $24 USD at Neiman Marcus.

*LBP Little Black Primer

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  1. kjanicki

    I’ll try it. I can’t find my beloved Clinique Power Lash (the old formula, the tubing one) anywhere in Toronto anymore so I need something new.

  2. dalybeauty

    You will love Little Black Primer! I noticed the Lash Power formula is not the same as well – drier. Works for the first 2 weeks after opening, then is so dry it flakes off. For tubing I am going back to Blinc. Estee Lauder Double Wear was the EL version of Lash Power, and I loved that one. I need to get a new one to see if that formula was changed when Lash Power was….

  3. The Best Waterproof Lengthening Mascaras | Daly Beauty

    […] Estee Lauder Little Black Primer ($27 C) is probably my favourite “your lashes but better” mascara. It looks so natural you may forget you have it on, and I compare it to the look I get when I tint my lashes with a little extra length. It’s meant as a primer to wear under of over mascara, but two step mascara is never something I have had time for. Read my review here. […]

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