Menopausal Skincare and Beyond: Vichy NeoVadiol & Tips From Dr Vivien Brown, Women’s Health Expert

I recently had the chance to speak with Dr Vivien Brown, a family physician who has won awards for her work regarding women’s health issues. She has been consulting with Vichy and has offered guidance on any questions and concerns I have regarding menopause, outside of skincare. Vichy has the incredible NeoVadiol line for menopausal skin, but also has enlisted experts like Dr Brown to be sure that all bases are covered in holistic manner.

We can take care of ourselves from the inside out
It shouldn’t have to be this hard!

I had a few questions for Dr Brown related to lifestyle and menopause and how we can remain healthy and do the best for our overall health. How we exercise and what we eat and consume are things we can be proactive about with regards to our overall health during this tumultuous time. Not all the changes are bad, and some are great (hi – no more periods? YES) and most just take an adjustment to deal with. Just like when we were no longer to eat (and drink!) like teenagers and get by on little to no sleep, menopause is just another stage of life.

Radiance is within reach with Vichy Neo Vadiol Compensating Complex
Radiance is within reach with Vichy Neo Vadiol Compensating Complex

Below are my questions and Dr Brown’s answers.

What are some foods that women with hormonal issues (menopausal) should avoid?

No particular foods, though we do know menopausal women easily gain weight and around the middle. So portion size is really important. Also some women crave salt which is not healthy and increases water retention. So chips are out!

What are some good foods for women with hormonal issues?
Food high in antioxidants, colored veggies and fruit. Food, like fatty fish (eg salmon) high in omega 3. High Ca containing food, like low fat yogurt…see below*

Are there any supplements that women should take? Are supplements “worth it”?

Absolutely yes!
1. Vit D, 1000-2000 units per day. Not enough sunlight in NA and sunblock, decreases vit D absorption

2. *1200mg of Calcium, preferably by food, daily. But if someone is NOT having low fat dairy (milk, cheese and yogurt) then 500mg -1000mg of Ca supplements. MORE is NOT better, and Calcium is better absorbed by food than by tablets

3. Omega 3 or 3 servings of fatty fish per week. Decreases dementia.

  4. Vitamin supplements for the trace minerals: Mg, Se, Zn etc, which may not be in daily food intake.

What are the benefits of exercise (specifically weight bearing)?

Cardiovascular fitness and bone strength…..As well as balance! Less likely to fall, less likely to fracture. A bad fall can lead to no longer living independently or even worse, be a life ending event, so balance and muscle strength is very important.

So in light of these changes, looking after our skin actually starts to look like the easiest part of ageing! Especially when Vichy is making sure the science of the dermatological changes is cutting edge. Vichy has done the research and made sure the top professionals in the field have been consulted. Vichy has never been is not a “one size fits all” skincare, and the growth of the Vichy NeoVadiol line to suit the different needs of women of a “certain age” is good news indeed. Adjusting our skincare and lifestyle means continuing our great quality of life! Because 50 is the new 30, right?

Products provided for my unbiased opinion. If I don’t like something, I don’t review it.

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