Mid-Summer Perfume Dreams…..

Those who know me will not be surprised that the inaugural post for Daly Beauty is about perfume. Scent is the strongest memory trigger for our brains and I love the journey that I take with perfume. I can remember playing dress up in my mother’s room, and standing on tiptoe to see the many pretty enticing bottles on her dresser. The smell of Guerlain Shalimar in her scarves….to this day, that perfume summons up images of silk and devore velvet. I can feel and see that perfume as much as I can smell it. Crazy? Maybe. Ok, likely.

So July is nearing an end, and it has been HOT HOT HOT. Which is fine with me. I often feel like I am a flower that blooms in the heat and sun. Heat and perfume is a funny and fickle thing, sometimes it is so heavy that one needs the lightest hand with a breezy cooling scent. And sometimes, when there is a breeze or storms in the air, something a little deeper and “grounded” fits the bill.
Here is one of the July faves from the Daly Beauty Summer 2010 Scent-Track
Creed Virgin Island Water

This recent offering is a gorgeous unisex scent from Creed that somehow manages to feel modern and classic at the same time. The citrus notes feel fresh and “eau de cologne” like but make no mistake, this is no watery boring citrus. Right off the top a soft yet subtle coconut note feels like the Caribbean breeze. Not a sweet Pina Colada/Hawaiian Tropic coconut, this is more of a green breezy true coconut, the green being backed up by a tart lime note. As it dries down there are gentle floral notes that somehow manage to be fresh and airy and completely universal or unisex while evoking a field of wildflowers. Ylang-ylang and jasmine can be soapy clean in perfume and this really adds a fresh cooling effect- topped off with a spicy ginger note that again, takes the florals into a place that any man can carry off. Trust me- on a man, this stuff is s e x y. The scent dries down to a delicious and sensual skin scent, with a soft sweet musk tempered with tonka. The tonka gives the impression of sweet hay in the sunshine with gentle vanilla and almond undertones. All of these notes combine to make a cologne that somehow manages to feel like a day sailing in the Caribbean trade winds, then taking a dip in the ocean, topped off with lying on the beach while the warm sun kisses your skin. Seriously.
I know a few people who like to keep this in the refrigerator and spritz it on while it is cold. What a great idea. It is a soft cologne, so it would work well in an office environment as it wears quite close to the skin without leaving a trail of sillage in your wake. That said, it does require re-applying after around 3-4 hours as softer colognes tend to have less longevity than stronger perfumes.
From Creed’s official website:
Virgin Island Water captures the tropical splendor of scents carried in the trade winds of Sir Francis Drake Channel near Ginger Island in the Caribbean.
Top Note: Essence of copra (the white inner portion of the coconut); lime of the Antilles; white bergamot and mandarin orange from Sicily
Middle Note: Hibiscus, ginger, ylang-ylang and Indian jasmine
Bottom Note: Sugar cane and white rum of the Antilles, musk from Tonkin

Creed is available at select Holt Renfrew perfume counters in Canada, the online Creed Boutique http://www.creedboutique.com/ and from Neiman Marcus in the US, as well as the recently opened Creed Boutique on Madison Avenue in New York.

Creed Virgin Island Water prices range from $122 for 30ml to $320 for a 250ml flacon.

Disclosure: I am reviewing this perfume from a bottle of Creed Virgin Island Water that I purchased.

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