Moroccan Oil Body Butter And Intense Hydrating Treatment – Dry Skin Transformers

I recently got my hot little hands on the latest Moroccan Oil body products that are causing a sensation. The Moroccan Oil Body Butter, which is a super rich body cream that really has the texture of actual butter, and the Intense Hydrating Treatment, which is a thick textured gel oil. Both are perfect for dry skin, but I find them most effective when I use them on damp skin right after the shower or bath.

Moroccan Oil Body Butter review

The Moroccan Oil Body Butter is lovely and really feels rich and luxe on the skin. Of course, the Body Butter has argan, olive, avocado and pomegranate oils, as well as argan, shea, cocoa and mango butters. This is a seriously buttery body butter! It has a hint of the fragrance of the original Moroccan Oil, but it’s very soft, and doesn’t interfere with any perfume I might be wearing. It adds a soft and healthy sheen to the skin without feeling greasy, and I think it would be terrific on bare legs in warmer weather. A giant 190ml tub is around $52.

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Treatment review

The Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Treatment is just that – a super rich antioxidant mixture in a golden oil that is perfect for dry skin. It has argan oil, organcic chamomile water, organic sunflower seed oil, vitamin E and glycerin – which all have skin softening and hydrating super powers. I’ve been using it on my knees, elbows and my feet at bedtime, and I wake up with soft silky skin. You likely only need to use this product a couple times a week to benefit from it, it’s that rich. The scent of the Intense Hydrating Treatment is spa like, with a soft lavender, sort of herbal-woodsy scent, which is lovely. They also recommend adding a few drops of the Intense Hydrating Treatment to your bath – ok, that sounds incredible. I haven’t tried it yet, but I love a good therapeutic soak in the tub, so I will be soon! A 100ml tube is around $27.

Moroccan Oil candle

The Moroccan Oil candle is next on my list!

Moroccan Oil Body Products are available online, and at luxury spas and salons nationwide.

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