My Favourite Facial Skin Oils For Whatever Your Skin Needs Now

It seems every beauty line is selling facial oils. And for good reason! I love them, and I know a lot of people do as well. My first facial oil love, Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, is still a favourite and is the perfect way to wake up rested and glowing. I’ve been incorporating oils into my skincare for awhile now. Skin treatment oils for acne like Osmia Organics Spot Treatment and Odacité Black Cumin Concentrate are holy grail items for me, that I cannot imagine being without.

Some facial oil rules: less is more. Seriously, you only need a drop or two AT THE MOST to get what your face needs. Apply to warm, freshly washed skin and you will feel your skin drink it up as the oils seal in moisture and get to work healing your skin. And test on a small patch of skin first. I have had some nightmare scenarios with reactions to oils that other people have loved and sworn were perfect. Not everyone’s skin will react the same way.

Here are some more awesome facial oils and why I love them!

from left: Body Shop Revitalizing Oil, pixi beauty Rose Oil Blend, Lipidol Overnight Face Oil, Jacynth Serum, Palmers Skin Therapy
from left: Body Shop Revitalizing Oil, pixi beauty Rose Oil Blend, Lipidol Overnight Face Oil, Le Serum de Jacynth, Palmers Skin Therapy

The Body Shop Revitalizing Oil ($44 CAD 30ml) is part of the new Body Shop Oils Of Life line. I’m in love with the whole line, and this oil is no exception. The key ingredients are black cumin, camellia and rosehip oils, which combine antibacterial, moisturizing and anti-ageing benefits into one lovely oil It is lightweight and absorbs beautifully when massaged into freshly cleansed skin. I like to use a few drops before my serums and lotion. This oil is terrific at moisturizing even oily skin, and can make dry patches disappear over night. I especially love it around my eye area and on my neck. It’s terrific for sensitive skin that needs moisture.

The pixi skintreats Rose Oil Blend is another favourite. I am seriously in love with the pixi line! The gentle rose fragrance of the pixi skintreats just adds to luxe experience of this gorgeous oil. Rosehip helps with ageing skin, and almond oil is a perfect moisturizing elixir! I’ve been adding it to stuff, like my eye cream, my moisturizer and even to tinted moisturizer, for an extra way to get glowing. This is another beauty that has not made me break out, and it simply moisturizes beautifully. This simple and gentle oil is suitable for all ages and skin types, but more so for dry skin!

Lipidol Overnight Face Oil is, as it says, a nighttime oil, and is brought to us by the creators of the amazing and divisive Bio Oil, which I loved for my body and is a favourite of Kim Kardashian. I say divisive, as Bio Oil, and Lipidol contain mineral oil. If you have issues with mineral oil, avoid. However, this facial oil has black pepper oil which does have antibacterial properties and I’ve not had breakout issues with Lipidol. As with the Kiehls, a nighttime oil is usually a bit richer than something you might wear during the day, and contains ingredients to help nourish and revitalize while you sleep. Lipidol Overnight Face Oil actually helps to supplement the skin’s natural oil layer that we strip away by cleansing, toning etc. At under $10 for 50ml, you cannot do better than this price-wise. (ps I’m using the entire Lipidol line right now and am quite impressed!) This is terrific for dry skin types.

Le Serum de Jacynthe is a Canadian brand from Quebec created by a gorgeous woman, Jacynthe, who has been making her own luxury natural skincare for years. They call this a serum but it does have an oil-like texture to me. It is not ideal for acne prone skin, which is why I only use it around my eyes, and on my neck and décolletage. Full of rosehip, rose, buckthorn, sandalwood and natural vitamin E, this lovely and luxurious product improves skin tone and softens lines. I use it right after cleansing, pressing it into the skin. It soaks in beautifully and I would recommend this for mature skin that needs nourishment. My little 15ml bottle is $47 CAD.

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil Face is definitely one of my favourite skincare products right now. It is full of gorgeous and luxurious natural oils like sesame, coconut, sweet almond, mcadamia nut, argan, grapeseed, rosehip and camelina that nourish, soften and plump the skin. But it also has Retinol to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve texture, as well as Vitamin C to brighten and improve skin tone. I have been using this every night and where I have seen the biggest difference is with the skin tone around my eyes – brighter! And with years old sun spots on my chest from my pre sunscreen days – they are almost gone. I am in love with this oil and so is my skin. At under $20 CAD, this terrific multi-tasking facial oil is appropriate for just about anyone. (exclusively at Walmart & Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada)

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