My Favourite Irresistible Vanilla Perfumes

Vanilla is a very popular note in perfume, either on its own, or supported by other notes. The scent of vanilla is associated with desserts and baking, so it can take the wearer back home to comforting times. Eating sweets, warm cookies – these are all positive memory triggers to get from a scent. Some fragrances aren’t vanilla, like heliotrope, but have a similar cookie dough vibe if the scent is on the sweet side.

But there is also a sexy sort of skin scent aspect to vanilla. Perhaps that is from years of suntan oils and lotions that had that tiare or monoi scent, that while not vanilla, had a similar “feel” and scent. Like skin, that may be a bit sticky from some cotton candy you just ate. Not too sweet, though. Just sweet enough, Goldilocks.



Aerin Tangier Vanille: This is my current vanilla obsession. With it’s creamy amber, sandalwood and musk heart and base, you just cannot go wrong. Tangier Vanille is a sweet and delicious vanilla that is also grown up and sophisticated. It’s the perfect white t shirt of vanilla perfumes, but is also elegant enough for a fancy night out.



Chanel Les Exclusifs Jersey: Lavender, vanilla and musk. Sound good? It is. It’s SO GOOD. It’s a warm and fluffy lavender vanilla in a powder puff. So balanced, the warm vanilla is the perfect foil for the cool lavender. I always get compliments on Jersey, which is probably because it’s perfect.



Guerlain Lui: Lui is the whispering vanilla spirit. With a heart of incense, the vanilla appears when Lui dries down on skin. The vanilla is never gets too sweet and stays mysterious with a barely there smoky leathery musky dry down. Completely gorgeous and addictive. Magical stuff.



Jo Malone Oat & Cornflower Cologne: A cozy and comforting trip back in time to that bowl of oatmeal, with warm milk and sugar. The vanilla left behind in the bowl of milk that once held a sweet cereal. This sweet milky comfort slowly changes to sweet hazelnut and then to a sweet softly smoky vetiver. An odd nostalgic vanilla.



Reminiscence Musc: Another soft almond vanilla but the almond is very quiet. This vanilla is straight up baby powder vanilla. Reminiscence Musc a super comforting vanilla scent, and it perfect for bedtime or anytime you want the perfume equivalent of a cuddle. If you love baby powder, do not pass this by. It’s wonderful.


This is a “vintage” bottle of CSP Vanille Abricot. The newer bottles are glass, & Sephora even has a purse spray.


Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot: This is a sweet one, but it’s also just plain delicious. The apricot note is so jammy and juicy it makes my mouth water. The vanilla becomes like an enticing dessert vanilla but also maintains that tropical vibe, perhaps courtesy of the fruits. Vanille Abricot is a classic confection and if you like your vanillas with a little syrup, you must try this.



Outremer Vanille: This vanilla is a “sweet with a little brown sugar” vanilla perfume. It’s quite intense and a little goes a long way, and it also lasts long on skin. It’s simplicity makes it easy to wear, anytime, and even to layer with other perfumes. At this price you just can’t go wrong with this pretty vanilla sugar. Anthropologie staple.


What are your favourite vanilla scents?


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