My Fun Interview With Eve Vawter on


I love Eve Vawter, she is a strong and sassy woman who kicks ass every day and is generally awesome. She stands up for women and is a strong voice for equality. She is also full of fun, gags & giggles. We had fun doing this inteview. Click the article screen cap below to link through to the interview on

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 18.37.39

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  1. JennySue Makeup

    Just read your interview on Mommyish (which thank you for sharing that website I had NO idea about -how?? now a new fave!) and I loved every single word of it. Just got into rosewater myself – the scent makes me happier just by using it! I’m coming to you when my little girl gets a bit older and I need teenager advice (gulp) – sounds like you’re a wonderful strong influence for your girls.

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