My Hair Is A 10 So I’m Basically Bo Derek

bo derek 10

I was so happy to finally get to try the It’s A 10 hair care line. I hadn’t been able to find a lot of online reviews about the line, but it still seemed to a favourite of many beauty bloggers. I was particularly keen to try the It’s A 10 For Blondes series, including the Leave-In Spray and Five Minute Hair Repair. The first thing I noticed was how amazing they smell, especially the Leave-In Spray. It has a fresh woodsy clean scent that smells like you washed your hair in a woodland mountain stream. Sort of. Anways, you get the picture. Smells amazing.

it's a 10 five minute miracle hair repair for blondes

To start, I just used one of my favourite shampoos, in this case, ICON India Shampoo. I rinsed thoroughly then applied It’s A 10 Five Minute Hair Repair For Blondes evenly throughout my hair. I love to use a wide tooth comb to be sure I get full coverage. I tossed a shower cap and let it sit in my hair for, well, five minutes. The product itself has a soft violet tinge to it, which counteracts brassy bits. It rinses out cleanly, like a dream, so that when I use my Goody Quik Style Comb to remove excess water, it just glides right through my hair with no pulling, tugging or *gasp* breaking and snapping.

It's a 10 miracel leave-in for blondes

Then, after taking my hair out of the towel and before combing it out to style, I spritz It’s A 10 Leave-In Spray For Blondes and spray all over my hair, concentrating on the ends and drier bits. I then comb it through and style.

it's a 10 leave-in dalybeauty

These products used together make for impossibly soft and silky hair, without silicones, and hair that smells amazing. I am 100% hooked and It’s A 10 has earned a regular place in my haircare arsenal. My youngest, Biddy, has appropriated some for her own and is also loving it. It adds amazing and totally weightless conditioning to hair so this would also work on finer hair as well. They offer protection from thermal styling tools, add shine and brilliance, as well as UV protection. The Blonde series also helps prevent coloured and highlighted hair from fading.

it's a 10 leave-in mask for blondes dalybeauty 
It’s a 10 Haircare is available at retailers and hair salons. In Canada, First Choice, Regis and Trade Secrets. And you can check here for US shopping locations. The Leave-In Spray is around $20 and the Five Minute Hair Repair is around $20 as well.



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