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I am obsessed with scent, not only for my skin but for my environment. I love scented candles and room sprays as I love a beautiful scent to envelop me wherever I am in my home. But it cannot be strong or cloying or smell like plastic berries a la Glade Plug-Ins. Working as a Realtor has allowed me to go into many houses and let me tell ya, I can spot a Glade Plug In from the driveway of a house. It covers up nothing, and is a synthetic migraine inducing cloud of chemicals that is almost certainly messing with your DNA. It is simply not a Good Thing. So I am always sniffing candles & room sprays when shopping, hoping for something that will scent the air without choking me. I also love incense and when I am in the mood for that kind of comforting scent, only one will do- authentic Nag Champa. It is sweet and floral without the smoky notes that I pick up in most incenses. I adore candles but that is another post- I’ve been meaning to write about my fave candles so stay tuned.

Today I’d like to share two lovely room sprays. The first one is a French brand called Geodesis. They are a ambient scent company that sells candles and room sprays. They have based their collections on associating a fragrance with a region of the world. I have fallen for the Black Tea scent, a “slightly fruity tea” from “the province of Yunnan, which is well known for the quality of their teas”. It is a fruity tea, I’m not sure if it’s citrus or a fruit-like floral scent but it is a lovely counter to the black tea. It is non aerosol in a pretty glass bottle, with an apothecary vibe. There is no mistaking the black tea note and I find it soothing and calming. It is a little more than just tea, and that makes for a bit of complexity which I like.  There is a “cool” feel to it so I think in hot summer weather it will be wonderful as well.

Geodesis on left, NEOM (old packaging) on right

The other one I am loving is NEOM Organic Home Fragrance Mists. From their website, “made from a simple blend of pure essential oils, spring water and pure grain alcohol they are 95% organic and free from harsh preservatives, so they will not pollute your lungs, home or the environment”. Organic and natural are not deal breakers for me, I just want it to smell good, but that works for me too. The one I’ve been using lately is Refresh, a blend of Sicilian Lemon and fresh Basil. It is indeed refreshing and so true and natural smelling it feels like you could drink it. It makes a lovely kitchen spray, perfect for tidying up after a big meal. But I use it everywhere. It is soothing and calming yet at the same time uplifting. There is nothing complex about this one, it really is lemons and basil, but they are perfectly balanced in the most pleasing way. It is a happy smell, indeed.
I spritz the air, over upholstered furniture (it can also be used as a linen spray) and on light bulbs (cool bulbs that are not lit!) which makes for a waft of fragrance later on when I turn my lights on. A little tip I like is to spray my entrance mats so visitors get a soft scent when they come in the house. I must be choosing the right scents or have extremely polite friends, as my friends and my daughters as well always comment on how good our house smells. For me, that is the ultimate compliment. 
What are your favourite room sprays? 

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