My Jenny Bird Dionysus Ring Is Definitely Gorgeous & Probably Magic

Jenny Bird Dionysus Ring

I am kind of obsessed with the Jennybird jewellery line. I have a lovely little stash that I will share here soon, but I just had to show you my new ring! It is a heavy silver coin with a fantastic etched image of Dionysus on a horse. He looks to be indulging in wine and is likely pretty ecstatic, as is his wont. The coin is set in a heavy gold plated brass base, and despite it’s heft, it’s so comfortable and already feels like part of my hand. Just wearing it makes me feel powerful. That’s the kind of magic jewellery I like.

jenny bird dionysus ring

Check out the site. I guarantee you will find something that you need….


The Jennybird Dionysus Ring is available on their website and select retailers. The Dionysus ring does not seem to be available on the site as of this posting.

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