My Skin And Hair Are Soft & Smell Like Flowers

My favourite season is upon us. The sun is shining, the air is shimmering in the humidity, and we have no choice but to slow down and enjoy it. And, what could be easier than dressing for summer? A fresh mani-pedi, hair pulled up, lots of sunscreen and soft skin…all you need is a simple sundress, a few dabs of your favourite perfume and you are ready to go. Ok, maybe a little more than that…
So I will share one of my most treasured skincare secrets…I’ve mentioned it in passing here before but it is so lovely and luxurious I just had to share it again. So you’ve done everything you need to do, right? Exfoliated to get rid of dry, ashy skin- check. Used a simple & gentle soap ( Dove! ) or a moisturizing shower gel ( L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Shower Cream! ) – check. Applied your daily moisturizer? Make sure your feet are sandal ready ( do I really need to remind you again? ) & your hands have clean, bare nails or a fresh mani. No chips please! Have you had your summer trim & deep conditioning treatment? Because that is a good thing to do before spending time in the sun & humidity, not to mention swimming. 

Now that you have done these things, you need to do one more thing before slipping into that lovely sundress. Get some Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Use Dry Oil and get it now. There is almost nothing that cannot be made better with a bit of this miraculous multi-tasking nectar. It really is multi use- I use it on my skin and my hair, and it’s so effective and incredible it *almost* makes me a better person. It is like pure silk on your skin, and being comprised of 98.1% natural ingredients, there no overly greasy feeling left behind. Your skin drinks it up. And, when applied sparingly to wet hair, it smooths & softens. Now. Can we talk about how it smells please? Nuxe doesn’t discuss the scent on their website but here is what I think. Jasmine, orange blossom and honey- otherwise known as heaven.
So. Get some. You’re welcome.
Nuxe is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale in Canada. US shopping information is available here. And, how beautiful is this 20th Anniversary edition bottle?

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  1. DivaDebbi

    Well Jane Darling,
    I consider you the Goddess of all things "scent" and if you say I must, I will. Thank you so much for the US locator tool. It is at Space NK at my locals Bloomingdales. I cant WAIT to go smell this :).

    On another matter, I am madly in love with my new Balenciaga Paris perfume. Sadly it does not last. I have been plowed through the 1.7 oz size in less than 2 mos. Any suggestions for increasing the staying power of a beloved fragrance?


  2. Daly Beauty

    Debbi- often we experience olfactory exhaustion with our most beloved scents. This happens from being overexposed to one scent for a period of time. Ask someone close to you if they can smell your perfume to see if it is truly "gone". That said, some of us have skin that absorbs perfume quickly. So be sure your skin is very well moisturized before applying, & apply to areas with hair like the nape of your neck & tops of your arms as scent clings to hair. Clothing as well. Laying scented body products can also help- Balenciaga Paris lotion or cream for example. Have you tried the newer Balenciaga Paris Essence? Its a bit deeper, darker & slightly more concentrated than the original, & the bottle is divine. Good luck xo

  3. Annick

    Mmm I love this product! I use it on my legs right after a shave and get the silkiest skin ever. Plus, no razor bumps or itchy skin.

    I agree with you, the scent is amazing. I've used it in my hair in the past as well and it works really well as a serum.

    Just discovered your blog! Can't wait to see what you have to bring!

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