My Skin Is Soft & Safe With Vichy Sunscreen

Sunscreen on- check.
Having just enjoyed a glorious sunny & warm Victoria Day Weekend on the dock here in Canada, I was also able to use it to test drive this season’s new sunscreens. And, by new sunscreen, I mean that sunscreen expires, and that key ingredients become ineffective over time. I learned this the hard way and from now on, May is the month to get the sunscreen for the season. 
Vichy skincare has been blowing my mind lately, so I was keen to try their sun care line, Capital Soleil. The Vichy SPF 30 Luxurious Protective Oil has got to be one of the loveliest sunscreens I have ever used. Protect yourself from the sun while improving the look and condition of your skin? And, smell absolutely wonderful while doing it? Sign me up! 

The amazingly light and sheer SPF 60 Soft Sheer Lotion is perfect for your face, chest- anywhere that may be sensitive to oily lotions, as it doesn’t have a greasy look or feel. It is absorbed quickly, leaving no greasy feel and is fragrance free, making it perfect for children or sensitive skin. Both of these products have Vitamin E and white grape polyphenol which neutralize almost all types of free radicals for enhanced cellular protection. Next on the list to try is the Vichy SPF 50 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid which sounds like it would perfect to use on the face. Add a wide brimmed straw hat and I’m ready to face the summer sun!

Come on boys, the car is loaded up! Lets go to the beach!

Vichy Capital Soleil products are available wherever Vichy is sold, at most drugstores in the US and Canada.

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