Nest Fragrances Birchwood Pine Candle Smells Like Winter

Nest Fragrances make beautiful candles for the home. Gorgeous, elegant candles with natural and rich scents. They have just enough “throw” (refers to the reach and scope of the scent that emanates from the candle) to gently scent the room without overwhelming. You only need to burn it for 20-30 minutes for hours of lovely fragrance.  Nest uses high quality fragrant oils to scent their candles- no plastic smelling berries or choking perfumes. Just lovely natural smelling essences. I’ve had several of their special edition Elton John candles and they make my living room smell like a lush flower garden.

One of their winter candles, Birchwood Pine, smells like you just brought a freshly cut pine tree into the house to defrost and decorate. It has a rich balsamic scent, like a forest floor carpeted with pine needles. There is a woodsy note as well, and a soft base of amber. I love it. It also comes in gorgeous silver cup that looks like mercury glass. These would make a perfect hostess gift! They are available in the classic size that I have and a votive size. For big rooms you simply must try their 3 wick candles. So luxe in their oversized goodness, they are an easy way to feel, and make your home smell, decadent….

I got my Nest Candle at Holt Renfrew in Canada. You can shop for them online or at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and specialty stores worldwide.

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  1. Sue Adams

    I LOVE Nest Birchwood Pine!! It’s definitely one of the best Christmas tree scented candles out there. It’s insanely fresh and fragrant. Great review! Thanks for sharing.

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