Nivea Raspberry Rosé Kiss Lip Butter. For Lips Like Buttah

Nivea lip butter tins

My name is Jane, and I’m a lip-balm-aholic. I got distracted by another lip balm. Again. But, this one is different! I don’t have anything like it! No, really….Nivea Lip Butter is actually a lovely, soothing and emollient lip balm. The Raspberry Rosé tastes and smells like a creamy raspberry dessert, and gives a sheer light pink sheen to the lips. It makes my lips feel soft and soothed, which was needed after several days by the pool and at the beach, as the sun and salt water will dry out skin. Nivea Lip Butter lasts well on my lips and keeps them feeling soft for hours. Nivea Lip Butter also comes in the sweet and retro little Nivea tin containers. They have Raspberry Rosé Kiss, which I have and love. There is also Caramel Cream Kiss and Vanilla Macadamia, which I’m sure taste and smell pretty much like they sound. They also have Smooth Kiss which sounds really soft and pretty, so I’m fairly certain I will have to have that as well.

Nivea balm picframe

Verdict? Love! So cute and fun, and perfect for tossing in the purse, gym bag and travelling. I got mine at CVS drugstore for around $3.20. What an easy treat!

I got my Nivea Lip Butter in Florida at CVS, but I imagine they can be wherever Nivea products are sold.

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