Olay Classic Moisturizing Cream is Simply Beautiful

As with most women, I have one criteria for my beauty products. I like them to work. So I don’t discriminate between high end department store lines and the more humble drugstore lines. Olay Classic Moisturizing Cream (not the lotion in the bottle but the jar of cream) is one of the humble products I love.   I’ll get this out of the way immediately- it has some unpopular ingredients ( if you scroll down on the page I linked above there is a full list of ingredients). And, while I try to avoid silicone and mineral oil as they make me break out, somehow, miraculously, they don’t seem to be an issue in Olay Classic. And, even La Mer has silicone so lets not get crazy here.  The silicone I avoid is the thick spackle-y make up primer type, which is thick, feels uber slippery and covers your face like a mask. Hello zits!
I used Olay on my neck twice a day after cleansing, and around my eyes. I have yet to find an eye cream that impresses me enough to re-purchase. I’m still trying but so far- nada. I also use the Olay on my décolletage with a low or plunging neck top. When the weather gets as vile as it has been lately, with temperatures plummeting and indoor heat making my house drier than the Sahara, its time to bump it up a notch, moisturizing-wise. I use a serum under my daily lotion for extra moisture (more on those in another post) but when it “feels like” minus 35 outside I have to get serious. Once I’ve done my routine, and before doing my minimal make up, I take a small amount of the Olay Classic Cream and rub it between my hands like one would do with La Mer. Making sure it is well emulsified and warm, I then gently roll and press it into my skin, all over my face. It really feels amazing and does not sit like a layer of grease on the skin. It sinks in and feels soft and dewy and makes a nice smooth canvas for my make up.
I have a sample size jar (from Sephora) full of Olay that I keep in my purse and have been known to re-apply halfway through the day. Especially if I haven’t been able to drink and feel/look dehydrated. Added bonus- if you use the Olay Classic Cream that is pink and lightly scented, you will briefly smell like powdery roses. I don’t know if my mother or aunt used this but it somehow takes me back… I love the scent but I can totally see that some people would not, so there is an unscented “sensitive skin” version. So, feeling dry? Get thee to Shoppers Drug Mart and go nuts- spend $11 for a pink jar of goodness that will last months and months.
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