OPI Tickle My France-y is Beautifully Nude

OPI Tickle My France-y continues the neutrals theme. It is the perfect nude-pink manicure colour. When you want more than the ubiquitous sheer pink , that, while lovely and elegant, can be a bit of yawn after awhile. The main benefit to the sheer pink manicure besides looking clean and professional, is that it lasts and/or doesn’t show wear as quickly as deeper colours. This is proving to be less of an issue now that I am using Ms. Lippmann’s Rock Hard base-top coat combo, but I digress. We do like to have a manicure that we don’t have to obsess about, that doesn’t look boring, and that is stylish. Tickle My France-y does all of those!


TMF is from OPI’s Fall 2008: La Collection de France. It was one the first nail colours to go mainstream with the nude look that has become part of the cosmetic mainstream. My daughters and I say it’s our fave colour to get “mannequin hands” which just means that-clean-seamless-so-natural-it’s-almost-unnatural look. It’s pink but not too pink. It is beige but not a yellow or unflattering beige. It is a true “nude” shade and I bet a matching lip gloss would be amazing. I have worn two coats, which is still ever so slightly sheer, and three coats, which you see in the photo above. That manicure is six days old with top coat touched up last night. One of the great things about a TMF mani is the invisibility of the wear at the tips. It’s always clean, goes with everything and looks polished and chic. OPI is available at salons and beauty stores like Trade Secrets in Canada.

You’re a mannequin, you’ll always have work!


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