Random Act of Beauty

Sometimes I just see something so pretty I want to share it with everyone. It’s not surprising that those beautiful things often include my daughters! Lately the girls have been crafting jewellery. They love the feather earrings that are everywhere these days but being the crafty girls they are, they wanted to create their own designs. Well that they did, in every colour of the rainbow! Emilie was leaving the house the other day wearing a pair that I just love. Beautiful bright blue feathers mixed with natural brown feathers accented with gorgeous moonstones! It was a steamy hot sunny day and she had just whipped up her hair into two fishtail braids. Braids of all shapes and sizes are everywhere this summer and I love the casual yet pretty way they get our hair out of the way. Did you see the beautiful Kristin demonstrate another pretty braid over BeautyXpose? Love it! I am thinking of adding videos to my blog and Emilie could do a terrific tutorial on fishtails. I can never get them as perfect as she does! Anyways, I thought this was a lovely boho look and I just wanted to share! What is your fave way to put your hair up in the summer?

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