Review: Blüh Alchemy Multi C Serum

They had me the second I saw the drop of liquid sunshine in my hand. Blüh Multi C Serum uses the brightening power of the vitamin c in the Kakadu Plum, an ingredient lighting up the skincare world. And it could be the most concentrated form of vitamin C out there. A word of caution: be cautious using glycolic acids while using this serum. My skin felt sensitized to the acids until I reduced the Multi C Serum to a couple times a week. This stuff is powerful.

The Blüh Multi C Serum won a Beauty Shortlist Award for Best Brightening Serum in 2020 and I can see why. I saw results after two weeks and without a doubt, Blüh Multi C is one of my all time fav vitamin C products. It’s a gorgeous product to look at, feels lush and lovely on skin, and delivers results. My skin feels brighter and a little plumper. I adore this serum and can’t imagine not having it in my routine.

If you are looking for a vitamin C product to easily incorporate into your skincare routine, Multi C Serum would be it. The texture works well with my other skincare layering & any sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, concealer or any other makeup items. It doesn’t pill or roll off and just soaks into skin, leaving only a natural glow behind.

Blüh Multi C Serum is available in The Boxwalla Store and on the Blüh Alchemy website at $140 for 30ml.

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