RoC & Shiseido – Easy On The Eyes

I am constantly on a search for the perfect eye cream. One issue is that the creams target wrinkles often have harsh and somewhat drying ingredients like retinol or glycolic acid, and the creams that offer creamy plumpling moisture do nothing to erase lines. The former can make the skin a bit dry & don’t make a good base for make up, and the latter offer results only while they are on the skin and not for very long at that. Well, I have decided that two creams are what I need in my mission to eliminate or at least reduce fine lines and crows feet.
RoC MULTI CORREXION™ Eye Treatment is fantastic and I am already noticing a smoothing of the fine laugh lines next to my eyes. I use it at night only, as I was finding my skin got a bit sensitive and tender when using it twice a day. That tells me that the retinol in the product is potent and is doing what it should. However, sore or sensitive skin should be listened to so I backed off the two times a day and just use it at night.  The main ingredients are pure RoC®RETINOL ( a vitamin A retinol) which smoothes wrinkles and complements skin’s renewal process. The skin powerhouse, Vitamin C, helps rejuvenate skin tone and add radiance. It also claims to help with circles but that is not a large issue for me so I can’t speak to the effectiveness of the product on that front. At any rate, this is the first eye cream I have used that I plan to repurchase. Trust me, that is saying a lot.
For soft, moisturized and dewy skin around my eyes, my new lifesaver is the cult favourite, Shiseido Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. The ingredients are along the lines of  a plumping hyaluronic acid and sea algae (the magic La Mer ingredient) and it is in the most rich and luxe creamy base. It seems to have long term benefits as well as my skin is feeling better after using it for a few weeks. It feels lovely going on the skin and sinks in enough to make eye make up not melt right off. I apply this on top of the RoC at bedtime and on it’s own in the morning. This is Holy Grail status stuff and I cannot imagine being without it. I only wish I’d found it earlier in the winter when everything dehydrates and turns to dust.
we like dewy skin…
So for now my eye cream quest has quieted, and I am quite happy with my discoveries. What are your fave eye treatments, and what are your main eye area skincare concerns?
RoC is available at most drugstores. The Multi Correxion Eye Cream is under $30. Shiseido is available at department stores, Murale & Sephora. The Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is around $60.

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