Sahajan Essential Oil Cleanser & Balance Toner: Heaven Cleansing Duo Review

I’ve used Sahajan products before and loved them but in my business so many products get introduced it’s easy to forget about the ones I love.

I’m not exaggerating even a little when I state that Sahajan Essential Oil Cleanser is my favourite oil cleanser. It has a gorgeous silky quality, and is rich without feeling heavy. The smell is soft and “natural”, with a slightly herbal scent. Rose and moringa oil dominate in this formula, which is part of the Ayurvedic system Sahajan is known for. I can’t put my finger on what sets it apart exactly but I can say when open my cupboard and behold all the cleansing oils, Sahajan Essential Oil Cleanser is the one I reach for. It feels amazing going on, smells like heaven, and it emulsifies and rinses off beautifully, leaving only clean glowing skin behind. No wipes, no cloths or flannels required if you aren’t wearing heavy makeup or sunscreen. Just splash and go.

It does contain coconut oil though, so if your skin doesn’t like coconut oil, steer clear. Luckily, oddly, my weirdly hormonal and reactive skin seems to love cleansing with coconut oils. Go figure.

I was able to try Sahajan’s Balance Toner as well and quite loved it. Big surprise! Like the cleanser, the toner is infused with moringa oil, has my beloved rose water, as well as fruit acids. The Balance Toner protects and comforts the skin, while also gently exfoliating dead skin cells to hydrate and leave me with glowing skin.

I highly recommend Sahajan skincare to anyone who is exploring alternative skincare options.

*samples provided, no compensation given

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