Simple & Clean is Beautiful

Love the smell of clean laundry, fresh air & sunshine.
I am a big fan of special scented deodorants, to the point where I rarely buy drugstore products anymore. I love the original Dove antiperspirant but prefer a special perfumed deo. I was at Sephora with my daughters the other day, and after about an hour of wandering we grabbed a few things and were leaving. The part of Sephora that is often most dangerous to my wallet is what I call the candy section. Those little bins full of temptation that call to me with their pretty sparkly offerings. This time I spotted a Clean Perfume deodorant. Now, I know Clean takes a lot of flack in the perfumista world. It smells like cleaning solutions, laundry detergent etc etc. Well, yes I suppose it does, but there is no question that some people just want to smell clean and soapy. The massive success of this product tells us that. And the plethora of flankers tell us people want all sorts of clean smelling stuff. I like a couple of them, but certainly not all. And, I would rather stand in a room of people wearing various incarnations of Clean than next to one person wearing, say, Cool Water. Or Angel. Or [insert your hated perfume here].  These perfumes are by design, soft, and don’t project all over the place.
Sometimes a simple clean scent is actually all I want. Yes, sometimes I want my stunning Guerlains and Chanels, and they will always be my beloved beauties. But my nose is sensitive, even hyperosmic, and sometimes almost any scent is too much. I have sympathy for those who feel a bit sick when someone’s big perfume is taking up the room. That is likely the wearer becoming anosmic to their favourite scent and over applying because they can’t smell it anymore. I’ve heard people say they’re perfume has lost it’s strength or scent. No. You just can’t smell it anymore. People! Before bathing in it, you need to ask someone else’s opinion when you think you can’t smell your own perfume. You are giving perfume a bad name and making it hard for those of us that use a light hand. Anyways, that is my excuse for having so many perfumes of course, so I can go days without wearing the same thing twice. 
Clean came out with some neat add ons to their line a few years ago. Although I never wore the original Clean scent, I enjoy it the scent in the ancillary products like their dry/powder shampoo. It was terrific after a workout, or if any unwanted smells (cooking, smoke etc) were lingering in your hair. The deodorant is excellent. It is free of parabens, sulfates and has no aluminum. And best of all, the fresh scent. It is gently lemony- just soft and innocent and of course, clean. The lemony note takes me back and reminds me of all well loved perfume from my youth- Love’s Fresh Lemon! This deo keeps me dry, lasts all day and my skin feels soft and moisturized. I got the small size at Sephora for $11, and I think it will last quite awhile. The large one is $18 and I may get that one and keep the little one for my travel bag.
How cool is this collage! From the Dana website.

Did any of you wear Love’s? I bought a bottle of Love’s Fresh Lemon on ebay- smells just like remember. Sweet, simple and lemony. That’s it, that’s all. And sometimes, that’s just enough.

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