Skincare For Dear Old Dad*

So, before Dad adds our non-cologne fragrance options to his routine, he really needs to treat his skin. There are a couple lines available to Dad to help him elevate his skincare from whatever shower gel/soap/shaving cream he has within arm’s reach. Anyone can go to the shaving section at the drugstore. Let’s bump it up a notch, shall we?



Imagine dragging razor blades across your face on a daily basis- yikes. So making sure the dad in your life has something gentle and effective to use when shaving is essential.

I am amazed by the amazing feedback and large following that exists for the men’s grooming line, Jack Black. Their famous product, Jack Black Beard Lube, has a huge cult following and has won multiple awards. Even the lovely SAs working at Sephora wax poetic about how their husbands/boyfriends/brothers/dads love this pre-shave oil, shave cream and facial skin treatment jammed into one easy-to-use product. The real raves come from the efficacy this has as a pre-shave treatment, and how this helps with a serious reduction in razor burn. One woman told her boyfriend works in home renos and spends a lot of time in contact with nasty stuff like fibreglass insulation and other stuff that causes irritation to skin, and that he swears by the Jack Black Beard Lube to soothe his face. It isn’t a big foamy product, but actually goes on clear. Some men may find this a bit weird, and some may find it helpful in the shaving process. Be careful to use it specifically as indicated to get the full effect. I am a fan of the stylish modern-with-a-retro-twist manly packaging.


Another interesting and neat gift idea shave product is Anthony Logistics for Men Shave Cream. It was recommended by a Sephora SA who says her husband shaves his head and this is all he uses. Subsequent reading of online reviews also mention Anthony Shave Cream as a favourite for head shavers so keep this in mind! Its full of aloe and glycerin and quite good for sensitive skin. If you can use this all over your scalp, well, that seems like a gentle and effective product. Packaging is ideal for the man who loves the modern and minimalist look.


Dads need lip balm too, ladies. And Jack Black makes an award winning spf lip balm, Intense Therapy Lip Balm with SPF 25, that is so amazing and effective that women use it too! This lip balm has been a beauty editors pick since it was released and when I ask women why they would buy a lip balm aimed at men when there are literally thousands available for women, they all say one thing, “Because it feels amazing on the lips, and really helps heal chapped lips”. It is often out of stock and likely on the biggest sellers in the Jack Black line. At under $10 it is a great gift idea, mostly because I can’t imaging the majority of men wandering into Sephora for lip balm. Although kudos to those that do! Golfing, cycling, jogging, boating- anything that means you will be in the sun and wind means protect those lips.



So- a little gift bag for dad with a luxe shaving cream and lip balm- perfect. Something he likely would not get himself, but that he will definitely love.

Jack Black and Anthony Logistics products are available online and at Sephora.

*when I was a kid and wanted something from my father, the one way to assure I got it was to end my plea with “Pretty please Dear Old Dad?”….it continued to my daughters who would cutely chime when they were little “Pretty please Dear Old Zeda?”. Oh, family….

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