Smooth Beautiful Hair by Living Proof

My daughter Brigit and I have been officially using Living Proof No-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner exclusively for the past 3 weeks. Wow! Colour us impressed. I am still amazed at how when I comb out my wet hair I need no leave in conditioner spray or cream, and no smoothing serums. Seriously- this is a first. I had a few more highlights and lowlights done 2 weeks ago and that usually dries my hair out a bit necessitating extra conditioning, serum, detangling etc etc. Not anymore. Did I mentioned that I am amazed?
Brigit and I took the Straight Styling Cream for a test drive and we are both loving it. Again, I need to stress the lack of extra products used. 
For smooth straight hair I have always needed:
– deep conditioner
– leave in conditioner
– silicone serum/ Moroccan oil type product
– spray on silicone shine serum
– smoothing cream
Wow. Not low maintenance at all which explains my extreme laziness and refusal to blow dry my mop. No more! All I need is Living Proof Shampoo and Conditioner and Straight Styling Cream and my hair is soft, silky, flowing, smooth and straight. I still have a bit of my wave come through, which is fine with me. Public Service Announcement ladies- the pin straight, flat ironed hair look is OUT. It looks dead and unnatural, which is never a good thing. Pics are from my phone so not the best quality but  you get the idea… feels as a soft as it looks! Brigit had the straight blow dry but went to leadership camp this weekend. She was too tired for a blow dry and is curly today. But, they are smooth pretty curls!

Living Proof products are available online on the Living Proof website and on the Sephora website, and in Sephora stores as well.

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