Soap & Glory…& Beautiful!

I have always loved the Soap & Glory product packaging. I love retro stuff and their pink kitschy bottles with the cheeky names have always appealed to me. I had yet to try any of their products, not sure why, I guess there is always Something I need when I wander into the pharmacy and I somehow managed to pass them by. I am so glad I took the time to give them a try. I was out of bath bubbles- yes bubbles- and needed a replacement for my well loved Vitabath. I wanted something different, moisturizing, that smells nice and that makes lots of bubbles. A luxurious bath to me has bubbles up to my chin. I also needed some shower gel  for myself and my daughter- again, something that would smell nice, feel gentle and give some good lather on the pouffe. I decided to give the Soap & Glory products a go, and after doing a little sniffing of the line, ended up getting the Calm One, Calm All bath bubbles and the Clean, Girls body wash.
Calm One, Calm All is simply a wonderful product! Bubbles galore with just two capfuls and the scent is a cross between the nostalgic and clean scent of J&J Baby Shampoo with just a touch of something that smells a little like Coco Mademoiselle meets Miss Dior Cherie. Soft, floral, and soapy and very girly. I am very choosy with scent, and this was soft and benign enough to not interfere with my perfume, which is very important! It is a calming scent for sure, and my bathroom and surrounding areas smelled all day. It has a lovely creamy pink consistency that adds to the luxe experience. I considered not draining the tub to make the scent linger longer. It most definitely has skin softening properties as even after a hot bath (I know, not a good idea in cold weather…can be drying…blah blah blah) my skin was smooth and soft and not remotely tight or dry. The scent lingered on my skin in the subtlest of ways, I imagine it was along my hair line as I almost submerged myself. As I warmed up under my scarf and coat I’d catch comforting little wafts of clean & pretty from time to time. At $10 for a 500ml bottle and at two capfuls a bath, this is an amazing value and no-brainer for lovers of warm bubbly and luxurious baths.

Clean, Girls is just as lovely as the bubble bath. It shares a similar scent as well, and is also a thick creamy consistency. It has a touch of a pearlescent colour to it, which is pretty, but does not leave a glittery or frosted residue on the skin. It comes with a handy pump, which makes dispensing in the shower a breeze. Just a few pumps was all it took to lather me up from head to toe and again, pretty much scent my whole ensuite zone. It is moisturizing for sure, and again, I noticed that I did not feel a panic to get to my cream after drying off as my skin felt smooth and soft. The scent lingers gently for a few hours, less so than the bubble bath does, but either way the scent is so agreeable that I am ok with it. My daughter loves it too, although she is less picky and pretty much uses whatever I give her, Miss Dior Cherie was her perfume for the last year and so the scent is a win with her. She is not a big moisturizer so the added moisturizing properties are just perfect. Again, at $10 for 500ml this stuff is going to last forever, and the pump makes sure you don’t waster or overuse the product.
I got my Soap & Glory products at Shoppers Drug Mart. Nothing like a little good clean fun!

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