Summer Scentsibility

Hot steamy weather calls for different scents than you might want to wear when the weather is cold. Soft, tropical and lush florals, fruity delights, herbal “pick me ups” and “out of the shower fresh” perfumes can take the place of  the heavier, richer and sweeter more resinous perfumes we might bust out on cooler days.

Joy Harmon's famous car wash scene in Cool Hand Luke
Joy Harmon’s famous car wash scene in Cool Hand Luke



mimosa pour moi

la chasse aux papillons

My favourite summer florals right now are both by L’Artisan Parfumeur. La Chasse aux Papillons, a tuberose-orange blossom-jasmine walk through a sunny field of wildflowers, is a perennial fave. It’s soapy and sexy at the same time, and will always be in my collection. It’s soft and airy, so don’t let the tuberose scare you. It’s like orange blossom soap, and I rhapsodize about it here. Mimosa Pour Moi is another one I adore. The uber fresh top note of violet leaf is a lovely foil to the sexy sweet and musky mimosa, and adds a green freshness to this lovely floral. A touch of cassis and a sexy skin musk base make this lovely on hot summer nights.

Fruity Delights:

diorealla pic 2 dark

mary greenwell lemon perfume eau de parfum

Citrus fruits are cooling and energizing, like the perfume version of a cool shower, which makes them perfect for summer’s heat. Wearing them makes me feel freshly scrubbed and pretty. Dior Diorella is a lemony delight, with a sexy green and earthy base to keep it from being too clean and sterile. It has that 70s unisex eau de cologne vibe, and goes perfectly with a that slinky maxi dress and glass of prosecco. This is a grown up fruit scent, the female side of Dior Eau Sauvage. Sweet little girls may want to stick to Bath & Body Works. You can read more about Diorella here. Another sexy lemon is Mary Greenwell Lemon. This baby is amped up with some oakmoss and patchouli for extra allure, and if you love lemons you must try this. Check out my review of Lemon here.

Herbal pick me ups for out of the shower freshness:


guerlain eau de lit

Lavender is a lovely note that calms and relaxes while smelling squeaky clean at the same time. My fave lavender is Chanel Jersey, which is lavender with a feminine powdery twist. It has a sexy musk base that makes sure this is NOT your grandmother’s lavender sachet. Calming for daytime, elegant and ladylike for nighttime. You can read my rave about Jersey here. Another lovely herbal scent for summer is Guerlain Eau de Lit, with notes of coriander, sage and even star anise. A touch of fruit adds sweetness to this unusual yet gentle skin scent, making it perfect when you just want a touch of perfume. Make no mistake, Eau de Lit is feminine, and only Guerlain could toss herbs and fruits around, then add a soupcon of vanilla and musk, and ta-da, you smell like you are ready for bed. Or a party. A bed party? Your choice. Guerlain Eau de Lit is only available at select Guerlain boutiques (I got mine in Toronto on Bloor Street) and some exclusive Guerlain counters. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Guerlain Jicky, the world’s sexiest lavender perfume. Also, the worlds oldest perfume still in production, Jicky is lavender mixed with sex. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. You can read my ode to Gueralin Jicky  eau de parfum here. Jicky eau de toilette is lighter and fresher and perhaps, less dangerous.

charlies angels white summer clothes

Don’t get me wrong. These are not the only perfumes I wear in the summer, and you can take the fruity/floral/herbal themes and explore a whole world of lovely perfumes. We have to start somewhere, though. What are your favourite scents for summer?

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