Super Silky Hair And Baby Soft Skin That Smells Like Heavenly Flowers: Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl review dalybeauty

One of my favourite luxury beauty brands is the French line, Leonor Greyl. The line was started by Mme Greyl and her husband in the late 60s and was the first hair care line to introduce vitamins into haircare. They created the first dandruff shampoo without coal tar. From their site:

Designed and created with great care using only all-natural plant extracts, vitamins and other healthy ingredients, Leonor Greyl products give your hair more brilliance, more glamour, and more beauty –all with a healthy lifestyle in mind.

Many hair care product manufacturers take short cuts in their ingredients and production. Too often they use lower cost chemicals and harsh additives to achieve results –often at the expense of the well-being of the consumer. Not true at Leonor Greyl! Years and years of global sourcing of botanicals and natural ingredients and meticulous R&D and testing in the Leonor Greyl Institute has resulted in award-winning formulas most hair care manufacturers will never match.

Many ingredients used in Leonor Greyl product are certified BIO by Ecocert and come from sustainable sources around the world.

How could I resist a line with not one, but multiple cult items? Leonor Greyl oils are epic and known for their heavenly fragrance, along with the fact that they do what they say they will do.

Huile de Leonor Greyl review dalybeauty

Huile de Leonor Greyl is a pre-shampoo oil treatment meant to be applied to dry hair that is also perfect for protecting your hair from the sun and the sea. I love putting oil in my hair when I’m in the sun, as I feel the heat helps the oil work it’s magic. It shampoos out easily (try Leonor Greyl Crème Moelle de Bambou Shampoo for long, dry hair) and I’m left with soft hair. Tip: rub some into the ends of your hair and twist up into a bun for an hour or so, or even overnight. 

Leonor Greyl Masque Fleur de Jasmin dalybeauty review

Leonor Greyl Masque Fleurs de Jasmin is a deep conditioning mask that is designed for fine hair, so you know it won’t weigh hair down. My hair isn’t fine, but because I love all things jasmine, I knew I had to try this baby. It smells like Serge Lutens A la Nuit, one of my favourite jasmine perfumes ever, with the intense indoles and everything. The fragrance lingers gently in my hair, and doesn’t last so long that it becomes cloying. Perfect. Tip: apply a tiny pea sized amount of the Fleurs de Jasmin Masque to hair as a gloriously fragrant grooming cream.

Huile de Magnolia Leonor Greyl review dalybeauty

Leonor Greyl Huile de Magnolia is one of the most beautiful skin oils I have ever used, full stop. It soothes and nourishes the driest of skins with it’s magical and precious ingredients. This golden elixir smells like pure heaven – a guy friend of mine (who wears Molecule 01 and always smells great) tried it on his hand and fell head over heels for the fragrance, so it is definitely not just for girls. Huile de Magnolia is a blend of natural botanical oils rich in pro-vitamins, combined with the delicate scent of magnolia blossom. Regular use prevents skin dryness and soothes itchy, dry and irritated skin. It is one of the only skin oisl I have used that lasts and lasts. It makes skin glow, extends the glow you get from the sun, and is perfect for massage. Tip: apply a tiny amount to hair for a shine boost and a touch of fragrance.

Leonor Greyl review dalybeauty

Have you tried any Leonor Greyl products? What are your faves?

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