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My name is Jane and I am a lip balm junkie. Yes, I admit it! My favourite lip balms are the smooth silky ones that leave a satiny finish on the lips, like La Mer Lip Balm and Chanel Hydramax Lip Care. You may also know that I am a jasmine lover. The scent of jasmine, the queen of flowers, is one of my most favourite perfume notes. So, bundle the two up into one gorgeous product and you have a winner.

From Suresh Beauty website: A decadent balm that intensely nourishes lips. Non-greasy formula infused with Royal Jasmine oil soothes, heals, and protects dry, damaged, chapped lips. Delivers long-term comfort by maintaining optimum hydration levels. Handcrafted with a potent multivitamin complex and moisture-rich ingredients including olive fruit oil, soybean oil, beeswax, and carnauba wax. Accents of Tahitian Vanilla oil calm the senses. Emollient, lip conditioning, and lip brightening.

cleopatra kiss

It feels smooth and gentle on the lips and just glides beautifully on. It feels healing going on and my poor dry lips feel immediately hydrated. But the scent is what takes me over the edge. It smells like beautiful tropical jasmine, like the most delicate perfume. I was rhapsodizing over Suresh Royal Jasmine Lip Balm the other day, calling it “perfume for my lips” when the brilliant Phillip Picardi (Beauty Editor at Lifestyle Mirror) reminded me of something. Legend has it Cleopatra used to dab perfume on her upper lip, so that when a lover kissed her, he would have something to remember her by – I remember reading this in a Vogue piece about a perfume party Shiva Rose hosted with Mandy Aftel. It stuck with me. Did you know legend has it that Cleopatra also scented the sails of her barge?

cleopatra barge

Lips that smell like jasmine? How…romantic.

You can buy Suresh Beauty Royal Jasmine Lip Balm, $21, from the Suresh website or for international shipping, New London Pharmacy in NYC.

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