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Disclaimer- there is no Jersey Shore-esque orange Oompa Loompa tans in my self tanning world. But, if you like a soft healthy glow that says “I love walks in the sunshine and don’t live in a dark basement” then we’re on the same page. I will devote a few posts to self tanners as there are so many, and, some of us need different formulas for our faces and our bodies. Today, I will share 2 of my favourite facial tanning options. As I have shared often, I have oily acne prone skin that is also over 40 so my skincare and cosmetic options often work for aging AND younger skin. With this in mind, I am not a fan of multi-tasking skincare for the face. I have a moisturizer I love and I have a sunscreen/primer I love . I don’t want extra anything in my self-tanner. Just make me glow, baby, and don’t smell too weird and make me break out. For this reason I really like gel or mousse formulations- easy to apply, sink in quickly and don’t leave me oily…
Lancome Flash Bronzer Gel for Face: This is the one I have been using the longest and always go back to after trying others. One thing to know about this is a little goes a long way. It would be nice if it offered a bit of instant colour so you knew exactly where it was going but once you get the hang of it it is just perfect, it gives the right amount of glow and colour without an orange look. I use a dime sized or smaller amount and carefully blend down my throat and along my hairline. Then, my magic self tanner tip. I use a (dark) face cloth that is damp, and I wipe thoroughly my eyebrows, around my mouth and along my hairline. That is where you may get a bit too dark- these are areas that usually don’t get more tan than the rest of your face and are a dead Can-Tan giveaway if you don’t wipe them clean right away. I like to do this right after washing my face in the morning and give myself around 15-20 minutes before applying make up. I like as little as possible on my skin at  nighttime so I don’t self tan before bed. This one has very little of the weird baking bread smell that is the bane of most self tanners and what little scent it has dissipates quickly.
Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning: I received a couple samples of this from my wonderful Shoppers Drug Mart Cosmetic Fairies. Seriously- some of the new giant Shoppers rival Sephora and the SAs there get non stop product knowledge for the latest and greatest stuff. They are an invaluable resource so use them! They also know that if you try you may buy and if you are really interested in something new, they usually have samples. Ask and ye shall receive! I was looking at the Clarins Self Tan line as the wise and beautiful Victoria from EauMG had recommended the Liquid Bronze Self Tanning as one of the best self tanners out there. Online reviews from EVERYWHERE back this claim up. But the Instant Smooth is new and I was keen to try it. Well, I have to say, I love it. Yes it is a bit silicone-y, but a teensy bit goes a long way, it shows a light bronze tone immediately upon application, and the self tanning is so subtle and perfect it is almost goof-proof. Very little scent and instant gratification! I still plan to try the Liquid Self Bronze as I need something for my legs and if it works on face & body then that is a win for me!
I’d be remiss in not mentioning my all time Holy Grail self tanner, St Tropez Mousse. There is nothing better than this, it shows instantly, gives a gorgeous glow, no oil or weird smell and can be used on body and face. My issue is how hard it is to find in Canada. I buy it if I see it in the US but since I have the others in my cabinet I haven’t really bothered looking. Can someone in Ottawa please carry St Tropez???
What are your fave self tanners? Share the wealth!
This is why we wipe around our lips….
And this, Xtina, is NOT a good colour match for you…

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