Terax Crema Conditioner for Silky Beautiful Hair

In my efforts to purge silicones from my hair routine I ended up revisiting an old favourite hair conditioner. You know, the products you love because they do exactly what you want and expect them to do, but that you set aside one day because something allegedly better comes along….then time goes by, more products come along, and the fabulous product you loved so much gets forgotten. Such was the case with the cult favourite (for a Reason) Terax Crema Conditioner. Now, I am often let down by “Cult Favourites” as my expectations are unreasonably high. But Crema did what it should do, which was make my hair smooth and soft and not weigh it down. It actually claims to alter the PH of the hair, making the cuticle somehow more open to moisture. I’m dubious on that claim and wonder if some ad copy translator took a liberty or two. Terax is an Italian company and seems to specialize in products that work well on thick  hair that has been processed, and/or spent a lot of time in the sun and the sea.
I’ve written earlier about my love for Living Proof but I do have an issue with their smoothing/straight making products. They build up in the hair. Its so light that you can’t feel it, it doesn’t add weight. But after 10 days to 2 weeks of continual use my hair becomes flat, dead and dry as I feel the ends cannot be conditioned properly due to the build up. So, I might use it if I plan to blow dry and want a smooth look for a special occasion, but not more often than that. And if you have been paying attention to the style mags, stick straight F L A T hair is thankfully passé. While I may not be keen on the frizzy styles that I have seen, a more natural bouncy and yes, even slightly poufy look is “In” right now. Can I get a hallelujah?
One thing has most definitely changed since I first tried Crema 15 or so years ago. The scent. Um- what the heck. The only way I can describe this…scent, after some help from my hair twin /15 year old daughter is, um, wet dog. Amazingly unpleasant, blessedly short lived and not lingering. I just don’t get it and wonder if some ingredient they used in the past became unavailable. There are conflicting reports of the scent online which makes me wonder could it be a weird musk scent, as musks are notorious for being shape shifter that are unbearable for some and invisible to others. I read a review that said it smelled like “beef”? I don’t get that at all, just an odd funk but as I said, it disappears almost immediately upon application and the fact that it turns my hair into silk helps. There is a soft lingering cream like scent but it is almost unnoticeable.
Look ma, no straight iron!
Now that I am being more analytical and practical with my approach to the functionality of beautyproducts, I have yet to find anything that comes close to the efficacy of Crema. I have a secret though, and those of you with dry, frizzy hair, processed, thick and/or strawlike hair need to know. I use Terax Crema as  Leave In Conditioner as well. This was a game changer for me. We all know why a silicone is a nice “idea”, put it on your wet hair, then as it dries it won’t frizz or pouffe up. Sadly, over time silicone just accumulates and then none of your conditioners can touch your hair and you have to use harsh shampoos to get the silicone out, only to start all over again. Silicone gives you a false sense of soft hair, if you will. Not the case with Crema. After I take my hair out of the towel and before combing it out (with a wide tooth comb) I take a dollop the size of a quarter and rub into the ends of my hair. Taa-daa! Softer and silkier than any silicone could muster up, and I can almost feel my hair soaking it up.
Smooth & silky but not pin straight aka dead looking
Another neat thing about Crema is that a little goes a long way. Some conditioners just disappear into my hair instantly requiring massive amounts in order to cover all my hair. Not Crema. And, it offers daily aka regular conditioning if left on for 1-2 minutes or, deep conditioning if left on for 15 minutes. Gotta love the multitasking properties of this product. Regular, deep and leave in conditioner= WIN! 
Natural & fun hair…FTW
I use this with Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo (once every couple weeks, to remove build up from hard water etc) or, more regularly, with the bargain-o-rama Live Clean Moisturizing Shampoo. I love the Terax Shamp Latte clarifying milk shampoo as well but it’s hard to find. For a more moisturizing shampoo they have a honey line, Miele, which is lovely and gentle, and from what I recall, smells really good. I buy Terax Crema from my stylist but I have also seen it at Winners. Sephora has it on their website. A 17oz jug is around $48 but seriously, it will last forever. I have hair halfway down my back and shampoo twice a week and would say maybe 4-6 months with one jug. I get the smaller tube for travel and just refill it. Perfect!

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