The Beautiful Chanel Jade Rose Nail Polish

Oh Chanel – you and your divine nail polish shades are making my wallet weep. I tried, like REALLY TRIED, to find a dupe for Chanel Jade Rose. Jade Rose underwhelmed me when it was released but, then, a year later, I just fell for it. Seeing it in Chanel’s Cruisewear 2011 show combined with Beige Petale as the mani-pedi combo made me have. To. Have. It.
I looked high and low, thinking it would be easy to find a pale peachy pink nail polish. I mean, it’s kind of a basic and surely every line would have something similar. Sadly, I was wrong. And I know why. Chanel has something I call Secret Shimmer- a subtle and ladylike shimmer, deep inside the polish, that adds a dimension to their colours that only Chanel can do.
See that pink toned shine? The Secret Shimmer!
You see it in the bottle but barely notice it, if at all, on the nails. It just adds depth and beauty to a colour and no one, I mean NO ONE, else can do this. So I sucked it up and finally got myself some Jade Rose. And I don’t regret it for a minute. It is gorgeous and a lovely summer neutral with the peach tone adding a lovely twist to my collection of nude nail colours. It applies like a dream and wears very well, as all my Chanel nail polishes do. This is one of the reasons I shell out for them- a manicure that lasts more than a few days is priceless…when you are crazy…like me….At any rate, I know I will wear this one… like crazy.
In sunlight…
Natural light indoors…

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