The Beautiful Rachel Sin & Ottawa Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011

Ottawa Fashion Week 2010 at the National Gallery is featuring the fabulous and stylish Ottawa native Rachel Sin tonight. Trained architect turned fashion designer Rachel Sin says ‘having a sense of style is a lifestyle.’ You have to surround yourself in beautiful things to develop a keen eye for good design. While fashion and architecture often inspire one another, Rachel began developing a passion for all things well designed in her studies, earning a Masters degree in architecture. This woman is smart and passionate and this is obvious in her line- if fashion can have beauty and brains, Rachel pulls this off perfectly and personifies it in her clothes.

A quick glance at Rachel’s beauty routine shows us that beautiful glowing skin is key. She cares for her skin and keeps it moisturized which is so important while travelling. Her perfume choices tell me she loves rose, a soft rose for day, and a darker patchouli enhanced rose for night. Elegant, as I think of rose when I think of those red stained lips. The neutral nail is a fave for her, and I think that would perfectly compliment her clothes. The hair and eyes from her collection are to die for and I cannot wait to see the show tonight! Thank you Rachel, for taking the time from your whirlwind day to answer these questions for us.

What is your daily 5 min beauty routine?
Since I travel so much, I shop abroad for all my beauty products.  Also, my beauty routine  varies depending on which city I am in.  It is incredible how much climate, water and pollution can affect your skin.  I love the Laneige Products and use the Hydra Solution Essence and Hydra Solution Cream daily.  I have oily skin, and the product hydrates my skin without clogging pores.  The Laneige Mystic Veil Foundation has SPF33 and provides great coverage without being too heavy.  I also always travel with a SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.  It’s hard to find the time to get a facial when you are on the go, so I use it the night before an event and it gives you an instant fresh look.

What are your fave products for hair, skincare, nail polish and others?  
My favourite nail polish colours for this season are a light gray by Essie called Playa del Platinum and a taupe gray by Essie called Chinchilly.  The 1950s style manicure is very now. I will be getting this nude on black manicure for my runway show.  

If you were stranded on a deserted island what is the one beauty product you could not live without?  
Probably my Carmex lip balm, I have a stick of this in every purse. 

Favorite perfume?  
Chloe for day.  Stella for night.

Who is your beauty inspiration/icon? Why? 
There are so many, but I would have to say Gwen Stefani is a favourite.  I was always jealous that she could pull off red lipstick with anything.  Then I found my shade of red and once you do, you never go back.  I was at the MAC counter, and the artist said “this is the red that every designer should wear” and this was the Matte So Chaud A69.  I thought it was daring to wear to a photo shoot and now I wear red lipstick with jeans and a t-shirt.  The new Armani Rouge 400 is another favourite; it is deep wine red with a glossy sheen.  Red is so much more fun, it adds that punch of colour. Now I feel naked when I wear nude.  I believe everyone can find their shade of red.

What spring beauty trend are you embracing in your new Spring Collection?  

What do you love about Spring/Summer?  I love that Spring Summer collections are always less conservative, I think it is because a woman can experiment more with her wardrobe.  In the summer, you tend to wear brighter and lighter colours, you take more risks and have more events to dress up for.  The new Spring-Summer 2011 collection is edgier and more sophisticated, look for the unexpected combination of feminine with an edge.  I love when studs or metallic details are added to a very feminine dress.  It’s a very rocker glam look, metallic details like sequins andshimmering fabrics are added to a soft, sensual fabric to give a twist.

What is the makeup/hair inspiration in your runway look for Spring/Summer collection? I always love the 1950s look, it is timeless, feminine, and will never go out of style.  On the runway you will see a modern take on the cat-eye and reinventing  simple yet polished up-dos. 

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