The Best Waves On The Beach Are In My Hair

Gaaah I have fallen in love with a hair product! Like, love. Seriously, there is really nothing I don’t love about the Cake Beauty line. Their Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo is my favourite dry shampoo spray because it works, and smells wonderfully yummy without being strong or cloying. I have fallen in love with Cake Beauty Inca Oil but that’s coming up in another post.

Marilyn Monroe beachy hair

I’ve tried every single many beach wave sprays, and I’ve loved a few. Some have been limited summer editions, and some have been cult favourites. Most are way too salty and sticky and turn my hair into a matted mess. I usually get my best undone beachy waves when I use a curl cream mixed with a hair oil, and then sleep on it for a few days. Seriously. I was cautiously optimistic when I tried the newest Cake Beauty offering, Satin Sugar Texturizing Beach Spray.

Jane daly second day hair waves
Hair misted with Sugar Satin Beach Spray, then twisted a few waves in with curling wand. Slept on, not brushed #lazy

On first spray, it smells simply delicious, but not strong or overpowering at all. It’s a soft sweet lemony scent, and is positively yummy. Satin Sugar Beach Spray has only a pinch of salt, and uses sugar for it’s texturizing. Sugar is a natural humectant that keeps hair hydrated and soft, not sticky, crunchy and dry (often the result of heavily salted sprays). It gives a gorgeous soft, tousled look which is also touchable. It’s the best way to get “second day hair” and to have soft waves. It adds perfect waves on it’s own, and holds onto styled waves too.

jane daly dalybeauty beachy hair
I applied Cake Satin Sugar Beach Spray to wet hair, combed through & air air-dried, no styling.


Cake Beauty Satin Sugar Texturizing Beach Spray is $24 CAN for 120ml, and will be available at Murale July 2015. I’m thinking it will also be available on the Cake Beauty website as well.

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